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Let’s digitize the agricultural sector together with CPQ

Elfsquad CPQ is ready for you to grow your company
faster, smarter & more efficiently.

The digital transformation of your manufacturing company starts with CPQ software. Empower your dealers and customers to configure your products. With a seamless integration with your production process.

Take full advantage of the power that this technology brings to the agricultural sector. Sell and produce without errors in quotations and order-intake.

Discover how Elfsquad CPQ will change the way you work.

Our configurator is a complete solution for the entire organization:
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CPQ definition

What does CPQ stand for?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote. These are three important basic parts for the calculation- and quotation process belonging to your business.


CPQ software allows your user or customer to configure your product to their needs. You have predefined and validated all technical possibilities and product logic.


All of your product’s possible parts, options, and sub-assemblies have fixed prices. When the configuration is always correct, so are the prices. Both individual prices and the total price of your offer.


Eventually, solid CPQ software also provides you with an extremely convincing quotation, not just a list of the selected products and eventual assembly. It is much more than that: a visually appealing presentation that will point your potential customer in the right direction.

Benefits of CPQ software for your company.

6 Benefits of Implementing CPQ Software

Considering the importance of sales within any company, CPQ software will definitely prove to be one of the most beneficial tools that your business will use.

Maximize Sales Opportunities

CPQ software helps you to make the quotation process efficiently. It allows you to deliver your options directly to the customers in an online way. Your sales team does not have to deal with time-consuming activities.

Standardization In Pricing

We know that the biggest problem you experience in sales processes is pricing. Eliminate errors in pricing, quotations and contracts. Make sure you quote the right price to your customers, every time.

Generate More Professional Quotes

More professional preparation quotes and proposals help to close the deal. Generate quotes that will take your salesperson a step ahead.

Better Customer Service

You can create customized offers for your customers. You can meet the customers demands in the right and fastest way. No waste of time, no wrong offers.

Reduce the Complex Operations

Elimination of confusion in the primary process allows you to get rid of errors during the rest of your pre-production and production process. Error-free input, means error-free output.

Automate Beyond the Sales Process

Manage and automate your end-to-end sales process from a single point. Don't spend valuable time on spreadsheets and emails, but focus on winning new opportunities.

What solutions does CPQ provide you with?

Is the connection between your sales and production processes working error-free?

If your answer is no, you should look at the solutions CPQ gives you.

A digitized sales process

Reliable pricing

Simplification of complex operations


Cloud-based software

Accurate data management

Easy dealer management

CPQ Software from Elfsquad

What makes our CPQ software different?

We change the way you think about CPQ software.


We handle any type of product complexity within a user-friendly interface.

With Elfsquad CPQ you can build, manage and maintain the CPQ software (configurator) all by yourself. So you don’t spend your time and money on third parties and consultants.

They already chose Elfsquad.

Create an online showroom.

Through the online showroom, you can let any buyer experience the distinguishing details of your product offer. Potential customers and your dealers can configure from anywhere in the world. Customers can reach you easily. Regardless of time or place.

Showcase your distinguishing details.


Endless integration possibilities

Elfsquad CPQ is based on the API-first principle and is the leading CPQ solution on low-code platforms. Integrate with 3000+ applications, from SalesForce to Dynamics for Sales and from Autodesk Inventor to Business Central.

Examine details with integrations.

Trusted by industry leading brands

A custom-build configurator is obsolete the day you have it. With Elfsquad CPQ we always use the latest software, so we are more future-proof with a CPQ SaaS solution.
Hendrik Decramer
Chief Executive Officer
Read the story of Dewulf Group
Elfsquad turned out to be the solution, because it contains a knowledge set which practically holds the user’s hand when answering the question of what exactly is needed to fulfill customers’ wishes, and with that explains all of its different options in an infinite amount of languages.
Marco Bouter
Sales office
Read the story of Vredo
The complexity of our products can no longer be described on paper; what is printed today, will be obsolete tomorrow. Additionally, on paper you will never gain all the knowledge needed to configure our products correctly; made without error and optimally fitting the customer’s needs.
Peter Lenferink
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Starting with CPQ software.

"No time for CPQ? Then it's probably time for CPQ!"

A common misconception in the CPQ world is that you have to put a lot of time and money into it for it to be worthwhile. The nice thing is that you are able to start small, and still make big steps in shortening your runtimes. You do not necessarily need to already have modularized your product. You do not necessarily need ERP. And a full integration with your production environment is not always a necessity.

How can you quickly and easily get started? Learn this in an online demo.

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