2 through 6 November: Exact LIVE Netherlands

From 2 through 6 November you are able to witness a very inspiring online event, free of charge: Exact LIVE Netherlands. As a premium partner, Elfsquad is an important part of this event.

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Elfsquad during Exact LIVE

In the field of configuration software, Elfsquad has been the preferred supplier for Exact for quite some time. For both Exact Globe and Exact Online. For this reason, we have been invited to play part in this impressive event as a premium partner. And we speak from experience: during Exact LIVE Belgium, too, we were present with our own sessions.

On the basis of two business cases we host our digital session on November 6th. Giesen Coffee Roasters and YALA Canvas Lodges are Exact customers and proud Elfsquad users. We let Davy Giesen (COO, Giesen) and Edwin Weteling (Commercial Director, YALA) do the talking in an interactive session, with Wessel de Haan (Commercial Director, Elfsquad) as intermediary.

Over at Giesen Coffee Roasters we created an expressive promotion video. Watch it below.

Watch our promo video for Exact LIVE!

More about Giesen & YALA

We are delighted to put both parties in the spotlight. And we view both as exemplary customers in the transition from Engineer-to-Order to Configure-to-Order. Giesen Coffee Roasters manages to truly blend digitalization with authentic Dutch craftsmanship. And YALA Canvas Lodges realizes the ultimate customer experience through their digital strategy.

Both pioneers in their market, they demonstrate which market trends they have embraced, in the form of an interactive session. And how they realized the digital transformation with flying colors, using Elfsquad Product Configurator as a basis.

Sign up for free!

You can sign up for Exact LIVE for free. Our interactive session takes place on November 6th, and will take about thirty minutes. Both manufacturing businesses’ inspiring stories. And the role Elfsquad plays is worth a watch for every innovative entrepreneur.

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