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Quoting, a process that is often seen as ‘boring’ and ‘time-consuming’. As a salesperson you want to do what you are good at: selling. You want to avoid administrative hassles as much as possible. Integrating Elfsquad CPQ into your sales process is the solution to quote successfully. In this blog, you can read how to make your quotation process faster, more effective, and above all: more scalable.

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Step 1: Connect your CRM to Elfsquad CPQ.

A connection with CRM creates a lot of benefits. The connection gives you more insight into the status of your quotations. Additionally, a direct synchronization is possible, making all contacts from your CRM-environment directly visible in Elfsquad. This makes keeping track of contact data unnecessary. Double data entry too, is no longer a recurring problem.

When a sales opportunity in CRM reaches the status ‘quotation’, the next workflow begins. An empty quotation is created in Elfsquad. This quotation is filled with data, or the configuration, which is filled in in Elfsquad. When all data is complete, the quotation can be rolled out through Elfsquad. In your CRM the status of ‘quotation’ is automatically changed to ‘quotation rolled out’.

The complete workflow has not been completed yet. When the quotation is accepted, the next workflow begins. By accepting the quotation, the quotation status is set to ‘won’. This status is also directly visible in your CRM. The won quotation is now an order. From the Elfsquad configurator, a bill of materials is sent to your ERP in the background. A physical employee is no longer required for this.

Step 2: Automate your mails during the quotation process.

By automating your emails your salespeople have more time for actual sales. Automated emails offer many benefits. A number of said benefits:

  • Accepting quotations for the next step in the sales process. When the quotation is made as a concept, and a configuration is added, it becomes possible to automatically share the quotation with a colleague or directly with the customer. This can be realized with a low-code platform such as Zapier.
  • Digital signing of a quotation. When the quotation is accepted, you want the customer to sign it as fast as possible. With an integration such as SignNow, it becomes possible to let the customer sign the quotation digitally. After rolling out the quotation, the customer receives an email, which can then digitally sign the quotation. Signing it enables a trigger. This trigger informs CRM of the change in status. It is then set to ‘won’. Consequently, the selling party can create a work order from Elfsquad and production will begin.

 Step 3: More clarity through structured data.

Within your business, consistency is incredibly important. Every salesperson needs to be on top of things like pricing changes. By quoting automatically you personally determine which data is sent to CRM & ERP, and in what manner it is sent. By storing this data, the correct information is sent to the correct places, allowing the creation of an accurate BOM. In the market, we often see that quotations are still processed manually. As a result, sometimes things like salutations might be missed, which is not only sloppy, but downright unprofessional. In Elfsquad’s quotation templates all these fields are predetermined. Easy, right?

Additionally, you want to be able to access your quotations at any time. A clear storage of both quotations and documentation is not just important for the sales team. Every employee that has to do with quotations and administrative tasks gains benefit from a structured environment where every important file can be found. When making your quotation, customer data is filled in manually, or loaded from CRM. After saving the quotation it will appear in the overview ‘quotations’. In other words: these quotations are always available, even on your tablet or smartphone.

Step 4: Rapidly creating quotations.

You want your customer to get a good impression of the product they are ordering. A quotation is an important part of this. By determining your product logics, errors in quotations are eliminated. Where previously a quotation was manually composed, thus where human errors could occur, all combinations of your product are now stored beforehand. The Elfsquad configurator is actually a Q&A game of sorts, where the salesperson (or end customer) composes their product based on a number of questions. This always results in a flawless product. This process is also called guided selling. When all questions are answered, a quotation is instantly generated. This reduces runtime, and eliminates human errors. The push of a button gets the customer their quotation. And this can even be done while visiting the customer.

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