No more pre-production nightmares

Elfsquad is for the manufacturing industry. We connect the sales- and production processes, and enable sellers and buyers to configure complex products without errors.


Before Elfsquad

  • Generate quotations takes weeks
  • Promises cannot be met
  • Production creates many errors, everybody is frustrated

After Elfsquad

  • Quotations are send-out within minutes
  • Everybody immediately knows what’s what
  • Efficiency is higher than ever, and the mood is better than ever

Connect your customer directly with your product and production.

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Let your sales team, dealers and even customers configure complex products.

Elfsquad enables you to make complex products understandable; for all audiences. This is one of Elfsquad’s USP’s: a quotation from Elfsquad does not only mean an error-free configuration, it also seamlessly meets customer demand.

Integrate with other IT applications

A configuration is just the beginning of a logistical process. That is why Elfsquad integrates with all other software: ERP, CAD, CRM, Outlook, Excel, your local storage: you name it. Elfsquad digitalizes your entire processes.

Finally, CPQ software that doesn't require any programming work.

Another great USP: our software has to sell your products. That is why Elfsquad is implemented by people who know sales, instead of by people who know IT. Because it is likely that your best IT person is not your best sales person.

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error-margin in production orders

Elfsquad’s output is an error-free and complete Bill Of Material (BOM). Which is synced to ERP and parameterized CAD-models. This creates an error-free order-intake.


reduction in throughput time of quotations

Quotations do not end up on a big pile anymore. You are able to create new quotations within minutes. Pile gone.

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more turnover from dealers, within one year

Dealers must find it interesting to sell your product. This is exactly what Elfsquad does: Selling your products becomes fun and easy to earn.

+ 73

more time voor R&D

By having Elfsquad generate CAD models, order engineering for modular products is eliminated. This allows engineers to engage in R&D activities.

Solution for all makers

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Elfsquad &Manufacturing

We understand exactly what your problem is: As a manufacturing company you have to deal with increased customer demand for tailor-made solutions. The variation in your product offering is increasing day by day. We help you to manage this variation. So that you can focus on what you are born to do: Building the machines that your customers like to buy.

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Elfsquad &Coachbuilding

Your problem is caused by huge product variation. Your customers have very specific wishes. In addition, you are bound by a variety of 3rd party vehicles and rapidly changing regulations. And that whilst very short lead times are demanded. Elfsquad makes your product variation manageable and understandable. And shortening lead times is our specialty.

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Elfsquad &Production lines

You are a machine builder on steroids: you do not only have to deal with the complexities of one machine, you have to ensure that all machines within one project / line are compatible with each other. Elfsquad ensures that all conveyor belts are of the same width, that all machines operate on the same voltage, that the capacities are matched, and so on. Now that is an efficiency boost!

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Elfsquad &Installations

Your product takes the challenge of creating an offer to a whole new level. Before you are able to start with configuring actual products, a process of calculations must first take place. This is where Elfsquad comes in: enter your process parameters, and Elfsquad presents the correct composition. Add more options and accessories and you have a quote. We radically shorten the lead time of your entire pre-production process.

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Elfsquad &Other products

Elfsquad is the source of truth: If your product exhibits similar complexities, Elfsquad could be your solution. Examples of products that we configure are custom-made wheelchairs, industrial paintwork, garage doors, prefab concrete elements, and much more.

It Works.

Our software works. Not only for your product, also within your company. Our CPQ software is compatible with all software applications: From MS Business Central to Hubspot and from Inventor to Google Analytics. We have standard integrations for the most commonly used IT applications.

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We are different. We are not a software company.

At least, that’s not how we feel. Almost without exception, we all have a background in the manufacturing industry. We saw manufacturing companies struggling with the increase in product variety that the market demanded from them. We could not find a product in the market that was able to help us. In our search we found many other companies with a similar challenge. Hence we decided to take matters in our own hands to develop a solution. With the smartest brains in the field of AI. And with common sense.

Partner award from Ridder Data Software B.V.
Nomination Deloitte Rising Star Award - Fast 50
Winner Noordelijke Innovatie Award
Winner Ondernemers­prijs Smallingerland
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