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Elfsquad 3D configurator

Why a 3D configurator?

Elfsquad is always on the lookout for optimization in your company’s pre-production process. A big part of this consists of creating 3D models and CAD integration. By using 3D models your product range is made visual. In turn, the customer is involved in the first steps of the process. By integrating the configurator with CAD, the 3D schematics are prepared behind the screens. And by confirmation of a quotation, a CAD model will be available for use immediately. Because of this, engineering’s lead time is reduced drastically, and the won time can be spent on R&D, for example.

Implementation of Elfsquad 3D product configurator

Your existing 3D models are easily loaded into Elfsquad. All of our current customers work within Elfsquad using CAD. In other words: do not worry about integration. And feel free to contact us to inquire about all of the different possibilities.

Our configurator is a complete solution for the entire organization:
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It Works.

Our software works. Not only for your product, also within your company. Our CPQ software is compatible with all software applications: From MS Business Central to Hubspot and from Inventor to Google Analytics. We have standard integrations for the most commonly used IT applications.

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