How to make quoting more successful?

Creating quoations is often seen as dreary. Salesmen want to do what their name implies: sell, and not get stuck in administrative hassles. Integrating Elfsquad into your sales process is a great way to make quoting easier. In this article we will go through the most important applications of the CPQ software to make quoating more engaging, faster, and more effective.

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1. Connect Elfsquad CPQ to CRM

A connection to CRM provides more insights into the status of quotations, as well as making a direct synchronization with your CRM contacts possible. When there is direct synchronization, you will no longer need to worry about maintaining contact data and double data entries.

As soon as a sales opportunity in CRM reaches the status of quotation, the next workflow begins: an empty quotation is added to Elfsquad. From the CPQ software, it is possible to fill this quotation with configurations. Additionally, it is possible to release it through Elfsquad. The status in CRM will then automatically change to “Quotation rolled out”.

As soon as a quotation is accepted, the next workflow begins: the sales chance changes in CRM, to ‘won’. The ‘won’ quotation is now an order. From the CPQ software a bill of materials is sent to ERP, in the background, all without any physical work by your salesmen.

2. Successfully automate your mails during the quoting traject

Automating e-mails also increases the effectiveness of your sales process and the efficiency of your salesmen. Automated e-mails offer the following solutions:

  • Accepting an quotion for the next step in the sales traject: When an quotion is created as a concept and a configuration is added it is possible to send an automated e-mail to a colleague, or the customer. For the salesman it is, for example, important to request the date of delivery from those responsible for the planning.
  • Digitally signing an quotation: the last step in the sales traject is signing an quotation. For this, an automated mail is sent to the customer. Who in turn digitally signs the quotation, from the e-mail. Signing triggers CRM to convert to ‘won’. Afterwards, a work order can be made from Elfsquad and production begins.

 3. Clear & structured data

Consistency is important within your business operations. By automating quoting, you are confirming what data is sent to CRM & ERP, and in what way. As such, you make sure the correct information is sent to the correct areas, and bills of materials are built in the same way. Is there a specific employee who manually processes the quotations? Things like a salutation are often looked over, and this does not come across professionally on a quotation. For this reason, fields like these are mandatory in Elfsquad, and consistently the right data will be sent to the right areas.

A clear documentation and storage of quotations is not only important for the salesman. All of the employees who deal with quotations and administrative tasks benefit from a well documented environment. After creating the quotation it can be locally stored, or stored in the cloud, in the structure you chose beforehand. Structured IDs and file names take away stress from salesmen. So they can focus on what is really important to them; selling!

4. Create errorless and successful quotation, at the speed of sound

Perhaps the most important application of Elfsquad for salesmen is creating errorless quotations. This is often the pith of the matter for salesmen. As we are all human beings, it is easy to let a mistake slip in. Which eventually leads to irritations, and does not come across as professional. Our CPQ software is made in a way that after a simple game of Q&A, which is the bread and butter of a normal sales pitch, the correct product is always composed. A quotation is directly generated in PDF. Which in turn reduces the time spent creating a quotation to one press of the button. The salesman can even easily do this while visiting the potential customer.

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