Take the first steps towards digital pre-production together.

Our software is user-friendly and intuitive. You are able to start working yourself, no matter how complex your solution is. With an Elfsquad trial you are able to experience this yourself.

The benefits of an Elfsquad trial:

  • Work with your products hands-on in the complete Elfsquad environment, so that you immediately learn how it operates.
  • You learn what to consider for a goal-oriented implementation, and we will gladly help you out with this.
  • We give you a good estimate of how long implementation will take.
  • We prove that you will be able to operate our software after just a day.
  • We will demonstrate all that is possible after going LIVE; Elfsquad often has even more to offer than what you considered at first.

After the trial trajectory we work through a number of workshops, towards launching your configurator.

Elfsquad trial trajectory:

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Day 1


Pilot day

Day 5


Online Check-up

(2 hours)

Day 14


Evaluation call

+ Global plan of action

(1 hour)







14 days access to the trial environment
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