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CPQ software for Exact Online

We have a standard connection between Elfsquad CPQ and Exact Online, readymade for you. Forget double entry of data, because all products are synchronized live. Make big leaps in the sales process through quotation synchronization.


Elfsquad CPQ & Exact Online

A digital pre-production process by integrating Exact Online with CPQ software

Product synchronization

Product management of the cloud based link synchronizes automatically, but can of course also be triggered manually. When changing products, the open quotations will not change with them. In turn, your customers will never experience unexpected changes!

  • Fully automatic or manual synchronization with Exact’s product management.
  • Acute modification of images, texts, and prices.
  • No price changes in existing quotations.

Quotation synchronization

In the configurator, customers from Exact Online are able to be found. For Exact we have a standard integration ready for the version you are using currently. Integrating ERP with the configurator makes for errorless quotations.

  • Choose contacts from your Exact Online customer file.
  • Name and address particulars, configuration, and bill of material configuration with the Exact Online environment.

Order synchronization

Forward bills of materials from the configurator to ERP Exact. The quotations are converted into work orders, with adequate bills of materials. All of the prices and discounts belonging to the configured product can be retrieved easily.

  • Synchronize accepted quotations as a sales order to Exact Online.
  • The connection with Exact Online makes for errorless prices and discounts.
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No more pre-production nightmares

Elfsquad removes all worries from your pre-production process. With Elfsquad as backbone, we realize the digital factory that smart industries have been trying to find for so long. We do this through a product configurator, with integrated solutions for marketing, sales, and operations.

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