Meet Anco Postma

We would like to introduce Anco Postma. Anco has been at Elfsquad since November 2016 and is currently the Tech Lead for our development team. Around the office, Anco is known for wearing outrageous hoodies and being the friendliest person around. We asked him a few questions so you get to know him better.


Can you introduce yourself?

I am currently working on becoming an even better manager. I’ve never done anything related to managing a team before, so this is all new to me. I would really like to help the development team grow and become an even better team. I have been in the so-called “coding space” for a long time. I felt I could use more diversity, which is why I became the manager of the development team. People say I am good at writing code, and this is why I wanted to broaden my knowledge. I am still programming, but also developing my management skills.

One thing that I am trying to tackle is:

I think one of our biggest challenges is that we don’t really know how well we are doing as a team. And how well a new employee is doing. So, I would like to introduce some new metrics to our development team. So that we know where our challenges are and see better what we can improve.

What inspires you to come to work?

My coworkers. What I most care for is being part of a team with young and ambitious people who try their best.


What car would you drive if you did not drive the Elfsquad MegaTruck?

Most of the Elfsquad employees know what I am famous for (in and around Drachten): the Elfsquad-branded MegaTruck. I do not have a driver’s license, but I am allowed to drive a MegaTruck. If I ever get my driver’s license and have infinite money, I would like to buy a classy Audi. A fine gentleman driving a nice car. 😉

What is the funniest moment that you’ve been part of?

To continue on with this moment of fame, I also experienced some very nice and funny moments at Elfsquad. A few years ago, when we were located at the Berglaan in Drachten with a team of 10, it was completely different. We often had the funniest moments with our neighbors in the shared office building. One of these moments was someone throwing coffee out of the window (by accident). The coffee fell, and for some weird reason, it blew into another office. Someone came to our office, covered in coffee, to ask us if we could not do this again (whoops).

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