DeltaSign launches their online Elfsquad configurator!

With Elfsquad Product Configurator, DeltaSign is creating an online environment where their 500+ dealers can configure their own commercial work. DeltaSign is making big steps in both the sales and production process by creating their own online configurator.

Nieuws 2 min.

DeltaSign is the first in the signage market offering their products online this way, to customers and dealers.

The configurator is not only live now, but DeltaSign is launching an actual marketing campaign around it. At Elfsquad, we cheer this on, and we consider the launch video a fantastic initiative!

DeltaSign’s products are fully parametric in height, width, and number of color compositions. As a result, creating quotations is challenging and time-consuming. DeltaSign has integrated their online configurator into their website. Taking away this time-consuming step from the process, and letting customers and dealers send orders to the production environment.

No more unnecessary phone calls or e-mail exchanges. Short runtimes. A much better customer experience. And insight.

How did DeltaSign realize all of this? We will describe this thoroughly in a case soon to come.

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