Online Showroom

Convince your end customers by letting them compose your products based on their needs, by themselves. Make it easier than ever to offer complex products in a state of the art environment. Without substantial product knowledge they can be introduced to your products. Forget data sheets, go online!

Yes, I want a online showroom.

Increase conversion with visualization

Your product requires visualization to convince your customers. Just photos of the different possibilities and options will not do. The customer wants to see their product change based on their needs. Do not just explain: visualize!

  • Visualization is processed by your customers much more easily.
  • Directly insight into the end product for your customer.
  • It creates trust: you know what the customer needs.

Integrated with your website

Hosted by Elfsquad, but also directly available on your own website. Because selling complex products or machines requires more than just a webshop. There, your customers need to be able to compose your products in accordance to their wishes, in your website’s branding.

  • Embed the Online Showroom directly on your website.
  • Integral part of the proposition.
  • Adjustments to your products directly visible on your website.

Online product portfolio

Through the Online Showroom, you can let anyone meet your products. Let anyone compose products and request a quotation with the push of a button. Directly available in your quotation-overview to follow up.

  • Available for everyone.
  • No user credentials necessary.
  • Channel leads through the showroom.
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