Provide dealers with an environment in which they can offer your products to their customers. Link the end customer directly to your production, without interference of their own salesmen.

Ja, ik wil sub-organisaties

Forget about re-entering data

With the sub-organization module you guarantee that your dealers sell products which can actually be produced. Promises can be kept, and are directly accessible in the dealer portal.

  • More security due to a structured way of selling.
  • No double data entry.
  • Dealers only sell what can actually be produced.

Focus on dealer performance

Have you always wanted to know which dealers do well with quotations? And which dealers still have unresolved quotations? Through the sub-organization module you provide your dealers with an environment with which they can sell your products in the blink of an eye. And it provides you with an insight as to how well they perform.

  • Dealers can manage their own process
  • No more errors by dealers
  • Dealers can manage their own process

Personal products and prices

Offer location-specific products? Or manage dealers that should not sell certain production lines? Options that should only be sold by you? Or is one dealers enjoying a higher discount than the other? Through the sub-organization module, this is easily assigned, so that a dealer no longer has to inquire you to determine his buying- or selling price. Directly accessible in his portal, and directly managed by you.

  • Dealers can sell their own product lines.
  • Direct sales because they can see their personal prices.
  • Personal dealer look and feel through theme-configurations, colors, logos, et cetera.
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