Unlock business opportunities for you and your customers.

Looking for a value-adding software solution that can significantly impact your and your customer’s business? You probably are. Maybe you have a CPQ solution in your product portfolio which doesn’t fully cover the needs of your customers. Or you’re looking to include CPQ in your portfolio, but don’t know what CPQ solution will help you create a sustainable business model. Or you just like to get to know everything about CPQ and how it can impact you or your customers?

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The struggle of implementation, integration and maintenance

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to try and maintain a complex CPQ system that relies on coding, is built on-premise, and is prone to errors when making changes. You can imagine that integrating a CPQ solution like that with Business Central, CAD or CRM won’t be a walk in the park…

There are alternative platforms, like Elfsquad CPQ, who offer easy-to-use, no-coding, and easy-to-integrate software. Get to know alternatives during an insight session.

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CPQ for your customers in manufacturing

Manufacturing companies need to be able to generate quotations and Bills of Material quickly and without mistakes. This is how they are able to connect their sales and production processes. But when CPQ is inflexible, every change in your customer’s configurator is one too many. Every integration you want to make adds nothing but issues.

Manufacturing companies today need easy-to-integrate solutions, a quick time-to-market, and the ability to show their complex products in an understandable and visual way.

Are you able to provide that to them with the current tools you have in your product portfolio?

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Reshaping business models

In 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials and Gen Z workers. They have high expectations of the IT solutions they work with. These are the IT solutions you provide and your manufacturing customers are using. Are you able to attract and keep this demanding workforce? And how do you keep up with these trends while maintaining a sustainable business model?

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Let us introduce: Elfsquad CPQ

We believe CPQ should be: cloud-based, easy to implement, easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to integrate, easy to sell, easy to ……

Okay, let’s just show what Elfsquad CPQ is all about.

By filling out the form, you can schedule an insight session to see what a future-proof CPQ solution is all about. Elfsquad offers partner programs for software vendors and solution providers. That way, we’re always trying to unlock business opportunities for you and your customer.

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