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Transforming the Quotation Process at Spinder

Spinder, a leading company in engineering, manufacturing, and selling barn interiors for dairy cows, faced a significant challenge in managing their extensive dealer network. With dealers spread across Europe and Canada, the company needed a solution that could streamline the quotation process, improve dealer management, and enhance customer satisfaction. Their old sales program was outdated and lacked the features necessary to meet these needs.

The Solution: Elfsquad’s CPQ Software

Elfsquad stepped in with its innovative CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software, offering a range of features that the old program simply couldn’t provide. Unlike selling a car, configuring barn equipment involves many variables; various areas of the barn must be considered, and the quotation must be comprehensive. Our software made this process dynamic and easy to maintain. Jehannes Bottema, CEO at Spinder, found that Elfsquad’s solutions offered more options and flexibility. This was particularly beneficial for members of Spinder’s sales team, including Ron Koops, who noted that the configurator ensures their calculations are complete and presented professionally.

Simplified Dealer Onboarding

Previously, Spinder had the daunting task of instructing all their dealers on the guidelines for quoting barn equipment. With Elfsquad, this process became much simpler. Our software integrated all the necessary rules, making it easier to onboard new dealers. Spinder currently manages a total of 65 dealers through this system.

Dealers can now login to the network and easily make a quotation while in the field; this feature allows them to provide customers with a complete package of information, including images and product details. The system is not only easy to manage but can also be quickly explained to dealers.

Seamless Integration

The ERP connection is custom-made and synchronizes with the CPQ system every night, ensuring the right products are in the system. This seamless integration is crucial for Spinder, and their goal of providing a hassle-free sales and production experience.

Elfsquad's CPQ software didn't just streamline our quotation process; it transformed the way we do business. Now, our dealers are empowered, our customers are better informed, and we all have a little bit more of a smile at the end of the day. 

Jehannes Bottema

CEO at Spinder

The Impact

The implementation of Elfsquad’s software has had a profound impact on Spinder’s operations. Dealers can now make sales on their own without the involvement of Spinder’s sales team. Customers were already satisfied with the product, but the addition of our configurator has made dealers’ lives easier and provided customers with a clearer picture of what they’re purchasing.

In the words of Spinder’s CEO, the change has “created a little bit more of a smile” for everyone involved. They are now able to support their dealers in finding future success, whether that be through growth, animal welfare, or reducing labor, all thanks to Elfsquad’s CPQ software.

Elfsquad’s CPQ software has revolutionized the way Spinder manages its dealers and its quotations. The software’s dynamic features, ease of use, and seamless integration capabilities have not only simplified internal processes but also enhanced customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation for both Spinder and its dealers, proving once again that the right software truly makes all the difference.

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