We Are Elfsquad

We crush Status Quo and create new realities.


Squad Members

At two locations in Drachten, we work together with a strong sense of community, and we love to celebrate our diverse cultural backgrounds.



Hard work pays off. With our refreshing approach to CPQ, we co-create the future together with industry frontrunners


Years in Action

We were founded in 2016 by Jan Brolsma and Johannes Heesterman with the original name of Elfskot, which later became Elfsquad.

Story of Elfsquad
Elfsquad was born to crush the status quo. 
We were tired of the outdated ways of product configuration, pricing, and quoting. Lengthy Excel sheets, old IT systems, and custom solutions weren’t enough to handle ever-increasing product and process complexities. These outdated methods required manual adjustments that often led to errors and long sale cycles. 
We knew we could do better.
In 2016 Jan Brolsma, together with Johannes Heesterman, started Elfsquad to enable the front-runners in the manufacturing industry to scale profitably while amplifying their uniqueness. Because we believe in a world where every leader in customer-specific solutions can change the playing field without compromising margin.
In Frisian, "elf" means smart, and that's exactly what Elfsquad means: the Smart Squad. It's more than just a name; it's a force of innovation driving change in the manufacturing industry.

Our Core Values


No egos

Leave your big ego at the door. We value humility and collaboration over ego and self-importance to create an inclusive environment.


Cowboys in pursuit of brilliance

Strive for excellence. We embrace the spirit of adventure and innovation, pushing boundaries to achieve exceptional results.


We know how to have fun

Create joy in everything you do. We believe in incorporating fun and positivity into our work, creating a vibrant and creative atmosphere.


Stop talking, start solving

Action speaks louder than words; prioritize solutions over discussions. We believe in proactive problem-solving to get real results.


All hands on deck

Teamwork is key. We recognize the power of collaboration and collective effort to be successful and support one another.


The fool didn't know it was impossible

Embrace the impossible. We approach challenges with optimism and curiosity, believing that every obstacle is an opportunity for innovation and growth.


Batteries included

Initiate action. We empower individuals to take ownership, driving progress and creativity in every aspect of our work.

Working at Elfsquad

Meet our diverse team of over 30 visionaries, strategists, creators, and narrators.

Meet the Squad

At Elfsquad, we're anything but ordinary. We're the playful geniuses. Each member brings unique skills and perspectives. And together, we're driving our mission forward with creativity and enthusiasm. Check out the faces of our team.

Join the Squad

We're a SaaS company passionate about crafting software for manufacturing businesses. We're committed to improving our products and processes constantly. If you share our enthusiasm and dedication, check out our job offers or send us your application to join our team.

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Nothing else matters
Happy Squad Members
Why Do We Love Our Jobs?
“I'm always intrigued by unconventional success stories. I was fascinated by Elfsquad’s unique journey from the start. I love being part of the squad because I get to come up with creative ways to share the inspiring stories of our team, as well as our partners and customers.”
"I like the idea of us fighting against the status quo. I’ve always been a strong-willed person; Elfsquad is full of visionaries working to reshape the modern IT landscape, for the better, and that has always resonated with me. I love informing unknowing companies about how they can improve and work smarter."
“Elfsquad provided me with an inventive environment where I can turn my creative ideas into video content. I appreciate that they have enough faith in me to give me the freedom to develop my original content from start to finish.”

Our Core Values