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Integrate seamlessly with other applications

And when we look at the current state of integrating B2B software, we look at best-of-breed. You should be able to manage and build your own integrations and workflows. Without an army of consultants or developers. This is why we, next to our standard integrations, are the world’s first CPQ solution on low-code platforms.

We comply with the OpenAPI standard. Is there an integration not listed? Then you can easily realize this yourself, or feel free to contact us.
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Frequently asked questions about integration

Do you have good documentation available?

Of course, otherwise we would not have listed this question! We invest a lot of time in composing crystal clear API documentation. We do this with a reason: We want to make it easy for you to quickly link with your IT-infrastructure. We remove as many barriers as we can. As they cost time and money.

Should you still run into issues, then we are always here to help. Feel free to contact us whenever you feel it is necessary. As stupid questions do not exist.

Contact us.

How do I ensure a good flow between CAD and the configurator?

By using 3D renders in the configurator, you create a 3D configurator allowing end customers to directly ‘meet’ your product.

An integration between CAD and Elfsquad saves a lot of time for Engineering. You directly fill parametric models. You generate machine controls as soon as an order is sold. And you are able to send CAD files along with quotations

Customization these days is considered as the components of the product you have never produced before, where you have to return to the drawing table. As such, you should know what part of your product is modularly built and which part still truly is engineer-to-order.

But what does a common workflow between CAD and the configurator look like?

  1. When a quotation in Elfsquad reaches the status ‘Sold’, a parametric model is directly filled in in the server.
  2. When a small part still needs to be engineered, the engineer directly sees this in the quotation’s description. This allows him to deliver the final bit of customization.
  3. A bill of materials is generated in CAD or the configurator. This BOM is then used to ‘feed’ the ERP.

Read the full item on shortening engineering runtime here.

How do I ensure a good flow between CRM and the configurator?

A good workflow during the sales process is essential. As a result, an integration with CRM is a frequently used application, drastically shortening quotation runtimes. Additionally, the workflow is largely automated, which means errors in data and quotations become a thing of the past.

What does a regular workflow between CRM and the configurator look like?

  1. When a new sales opportunity reaches the status ‘Create quotation’ in CRM, a new quotation is directly created in Elfsquad.
  2. This quotation is filled with data from CRM, fully automated.
  3. When the quotation is filled with configurations, it is released in Elfsquad. The sales opportunity in CRM reaches the phase ‘Quotation released’.
  4. When the quotation is eventually accepted, the status in CRM shifts to ‘Sold’.

How do I ensure a good flow between ERP and the configurator?

An ERP system often is the heart of your business. All prices, products, and logistic information are established in it. A good reason for Elfsquad to be able to link with this at all times.

By establishing a link or connection between ERP and the configurator, you ensure that Elfsquad always displays correct pricing. That eventually realizes flawless quotation. Synchronization ensures that prices are always up-to-date. For this reason, we provide seamless integration between the configurator and the most common ERP systems in the manufacturing industry. Would you like to change certain prices for specific products? Then this does not influence pending quotations.

How does connection with a website work?

We turn your factory into a webshop. Meaning it should be simple for you to integrate Elfsquad into your website. And we offer you a lot of freedom in doing so: Buy our JavaScript Library and your website builder should be able to do their thing. Additionally, we could do this for you. In that case our experts handle the design and integrate Elfsquad into the front end of your website. In that case the only thing you need to do is give us the green light.

Is it possible to personally link with the numerous systems I am currently using?

To get the most out of Elfsquad, it is important that you are able to link to the systems you are currently using. For this reason, we encourage you to realize your own links. We will provide you with the tools to do so, in the form of clear documentation and export possibilities through OData. Should you still run into struggles doing so, do not hesitate to contact us.

They are already using our integrations

A configurator forces you to finetune your standardization. Salespeople present a visual and correct pitch to the customer. And the time we used to lose to work preparation must have been cut in half so far.
Bram de Koning Jr.
Product Manager
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Elfsquad turned out to be the solution, because it contains a knowledge set which practically holds the user’s hand when answering the question of what exactly is needed to fulfill customers’ wishes, and with that explains all of its different options in an infinite amount of languages.
Marco Bouter
Sales office
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Case GEJE 2
After a thorough market research Elfsquad simply turned out to be the best package. Where we eventually were able to rapidly advance our vision for digital order-intake.
Casper Jans
Sales Engineer
Read the story of GEJE Truck Hydraulics
The complexity of our products can no longer be described on paper; what is printed today, will be obsolete tomorrow. Additionally, on paper you will never gain all the knowledge needed to configure our products correctly; made without error and optimally fitting the customer’s needs.
Peter Lenferink
Read the story of Manter
Where in the past we would get stuck in lengthy sales trajectories, we now go through them in mere minutes after implementing Elfsquad. Customers used to order complex calculations or complicated pricelists. This requires both waiting- and labor time. Which are reduced enormously through a product configurator that integrates directly with your infrastructure.
Willem Swinkels
Design Engineer
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We can state that our quotation runtime has been reduced by 50% thus far. With these final steps, we have digitized the entire pre-production process, leading to very positive results concerning our competitive position.
Davey Giesen
Chief Operating Officer
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When we zoom out of all of its applications, Elfsquad’s simplicity is distinctive. And solid software is the basis, of course, but the click with contacts is of equal importance.
Bart Kroese
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Elfsquad removes all uncertainty, dealers can immediately see pricing when writing up the quotations, and as a result it can be composed together with the customer. In turn, revisions become a thing of the past.
Robert-Paul Frenken
Design Engineer
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The output makes sense: an order is simply correct. Nowadays, we no longer need to worry about faulty compositions of the wheelchairs.
Herwin Westra
Design Engineer
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yala-canvas-lodges-production (1)
Elfsquad was easy to design and showed a user-friendly impression. Where other packages are dependent on hours of consultancy. Elfsquad even delivered a presentation with a pre-loaded model.
Edwin Weteling
Commercial Director
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