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Elfsquad CPQ Software: Configure, Price and Quote the right way

CPQ software is your shot at eliminating all errors from your pre-production process. Forget drawn-out quotation trajectories, production errors, double data entry and Excel sheets. Forget frustration. With CPQ you directly connect your end customer to the product and production. Flawlessly.

Our configurator is a complete solution for the entire organization:
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CPQ definition

What does CPQ stand for?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote. These are three important basic parts for the calculation- and quotation process belonging to your business.


CPQ software allows your user or customer to configure your product to their needs. You have predefined and validated all technical possibilities and product logic. This ensures that configurations always lead to flawless quotations and production orders.


All of your product’s possible parts, options, and sub-assemblies have fixed prices. When the configuration is always correct, so are the prices. Both individual prices and the total price of your offer.


Eventually, solid CPQ software also provides you with an extremely convincing quotation, not just a list of the selected products and eventual assembly. It is much more than that: a visually appealing presentation that will point your potential customer in the right direction.

These manufacturing companies configure, price and quote the right way.


Meaning CPQ

What does CPQ mean for my company?

You work towards a digital sales channel and it streamlines your production process. CPQ software has an important role in these two processes, and even brings them together.

B2B e-commerce

Without CPQ software it becomes impossible to offer complex products online in a scaleable, visual, and clear manner. End customers expect to see your product range on the online platform, with visualization and self-service. With CPQ it becomes simple and intuitive for your buyer to assemble their product online, in 3D. You copy this 1-on-1 to your international dealer network. That is state-of-the-art scalability.


The logics of your configuration models are pre-validated by engineering and production. You know for a fact that every possible configuration and quotation can actually be produced. In the background, CPQ software also provides you with parameters for your CAD package and flawless, multi-layer BOMs for your ERP package. That is digital pre-production at its best.

CPQ for Manufacturing

CPQ Benefits

Benefits of CPQ software for your company.

CPQ software creates a digital pre-production process. The advantages of digital pre-production are massive:

Boost in sales

You will gain more orders by creating flawless and convincing quotations with just one click. Because of the drastic reduction of the quotation trajectory, salespeople can focus on what they’re meant to focus on: selling.

Employ CPQ as an order portal for your dealers or as a visual online configurator for your end customers. You are situated in the same place as your customers: online.

  • Generate flawless and convincing quotations with just one click.
With assistance from Elfsquad CPQ, salespeople are able to tell their customers a visual- and correct story. The time we would normally lose to work preparations must have halved.

Bram de Koning

Product Manager - Cellro

Knowledge assurance

Your best salesperson likely isn’t your best engineer. And vice versa. With CPQ, both parties’ knowledge is assured. The engineering logics of your products are stored and prices, discounts, and commercial support are directly available.

Moreover, CPQ can easily be made available to your dealer network. As a result, they gain the commercial- and technical knowledge to sell your solution, anywhere and any time.

Elfsquad CPQ is the solution, it includes a knowledge package that takes a user by the hand to optimally fulfill customer needs

Marco Bouter

Sales office - Vredo


Time-consuming quotations are reduced to taking minutes, even for the most complex of products. Meaning that both your in-sales and salespeople on the road can once again focus on selling. Moreover, you directly control your CAD parameters, making engineering a relic of the past. Your engineers can focus on what they do best: R&D.

  • Reduce time consumed by quotations from days or weeks to minutes.
  • Drastically reduce order- and sales engineering time with CPQ.
We of WSP Systems have reduced price calculation time and quotation time by 75% after adopting Elfsquad.

Cor Aalbers

R&D Manager - WSP Systems

Cost- and error reduction

Error sensitivity between sales and engineering is completely removed.

Salespeople present customers with a visual story that is 100% correct. Time lost to work preparation has been cut in half.

We can proudly say that we have increased internal process efficiency by 30%. Additionally, our quotation runtime has been reduced by 50%. With strong results for your competitive position.

Davey Giesen

Chief Operating Officer - Giesen Coffee Roasters

CPQ Software from Elfsquad

What makes our CPQ software different?

We change the way you think about CPQ software.

CPQ for product-, system- and project configurations


CPQ software should not limit itself to complex product configurations. When you produce complete systems, multiple complex products are interdependent. With Elfsquad CPQ you are able to link different configuration models in a simple manner, and make them dependent on each other.

As a result, you are able to also optimally fit your project or system to your customers’ needs, in the form of a total solution.

Leading CPQ solution on low-code platforms

In a time of continuously growing IT-landscapes and a declining amount of developers, you need to be able to build and manage integrations and workflows between your business software yourself. Without an army of consultants or developers.

Which is why we, next to our standard integrations with ERP, CAD, CRM, are the world's only CPQ solution found on low-code platforms. This is how you accessibly integrate with 3000+ business applications.

Based on Archer AI, our engine

Even just one choice within the possibilities of your product influences a large amount of factors. Think of choice of width, length, or type of transport tyre, everything has to be calculated to get the correct assembly.

You want this to be a 100% cloud solution, so that you are not bound to your device’s calculating power. Archer AI is able to do an average of 30.000 calculations in 150 milliseconds.

- Archer AI helps you make the most efficient models during implementation.
- Archer AI does focused suggestions for optimization of your formulas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elfsquad CPQ a visual configurator?

We know the importance of visualizing your products in a 3D configurator. So yes, Elfsquad CPQ can be used as a visual configurator. We actually build an Online Showroom extension that you can use plug and play, to directly connect your end customer to your product and create your own visual sales channel. We explained all of that in the video below.

Is Elfsquad CPQ software suitable as a dealer portal?

It definitely should be. As an international manufacturing company you must provide your dealers or resellers with the tools to create configurations and flawlessly generate quotations for your product. All within your own management. To see how this is done within Elfsquad CPQ, just watch the video below.

How can CPQ software be integrated with my current business software?

Elfsquad is fully developed according to the API-first principle. Simply put, this gives you virtually endless possibilities to fully integrate with your existing ERP, CAD or CRM software. It can be API-to-API, but Elfsquad CPQ is also available on the most popular low-code platforms, such as Mendix, Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate. For example, Elfsquad CPQ can easily be linked to more than 3000 business applications.

What does the implementation process for CPQ software look like?

Actually implementing Elfsquad CPQ software is the last of 4 steps you take. The process starts with working out your wishes and requirements, trying out and test runs, choosing the phasing and thinking about what role you want your CPQ software to play.

It is important to know that we at Elfsquad make maximum efforts to train your staff during the implementation. Not only because the user adoption is then maximized, but also to ensure that you can manage our software yourself.

Why do you think it is so important that we manage our CPQ software ourselves?

Because then you are not dependent on us if you want to make changes to your product package. You know the most about your products, and it’s a waste of time and money if you first have to explain to a software engineer how your machines work. We prefer to work on improving our software so that you can get the most out of it.

Do I have to have a set up ERP to start with CPQ software?

Short answer? No. Longer answer: not necessarily. Basically you always want to work with the most recent data and master data of your articles in your CPQ software. That is why an integration with an ERP system is very valuable and definitely something to strive for. But if you don’t have that yet, you can start with Elfsquad without any problems to link an ERP at a later stage.

How is the error sensitivity between sales and engineering removed?

Simply put, a seller can no longer sell anything that cannot be made through production. Under water, all choices in the CPQ software are automatically validated on the basis of parameters drawn up by engineers and product specialists. There is no manual work in the subsequent logistics process either, because, for example, production gets their bills of materials directly from Elfsquad CPQ software.

What is the difference between CPQ software and a product configurator?

CPQ software always contains a product configurator, but not the other way around. Standalone product configurators are often more technical and are mainly used by engineering and production. CPQ software also links a commercial factor to it, such as making a quotation and calculating a price.

Product configuration is one of the USPs of Elfsquad CPQ. Elfsquad has developed in-house solver technology: which we call Archer AI. Archer AI even does focused suggestions for optimization of your formulas.

Is it a problem that my product is not modular yet?

No, in principle not. To take maximum advantage of everything Elfsquad CPQ can do, it is useful. But it is not a condition to start. In fact, many companies use Elfsquad to take the first step towards modular thinking.

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Starting with CPQ software.

"No time for CPQ? Then it's probably time for CPQ!"

A common misconception in the CPQ world is that you have to put a lot of time and money into it for it to be worthwhile. The nice thing is that you are able to start small, and still make big steps in shortening your runtimes. You do not necessarily need to already have modularized your product. You do not necessarily need ERP. And a full integration with your production environment is not always a necessity.

How can you quickly and easily get started? Learn this in an online demo.

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