The Elfsquad Product Configurator:
No More Limits to Complex Product Customizations

Complex configuration processes are time consuming and error-prone. You’re not the only manufacturing business that feels held back
by these circumstances, but the way your business responds can make you stand out.

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What Is the Elfsquad Product Configurator? 

The Elfsquad Product Configurator allows your engineers, sales reps, dealers, and customers to create 100% error-free, complex configurations.

  • Simplifies the process of building custom products with limitless options by guiding both buyers and sellers.

  • Aids the transition to a configure-to-order manufacturing process, tailoring products to meet the specific needs of each customer.

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How Does Elfsquad Boost Sales Rep Performance?

Your sales reps are struggling to keep up with the demand for customized options, which means their recommendations are not always in line with what the customer wants.

  • By automating tasks like quote generations and price calculations with Elfsquad, you save time and reduce errors.
  • Every sales rep can become a  top performer by offering precise, visually-detailed product information, and onboarding new employees moves faster than ever.
  • More efficient, productive sales process, boosting both customer satisfaction and your business's bottom line.
Faster response to customers

Quotation Creation Times Reduced by 86%!


How Does Elfsquad Increase Engineering and Production Efficiency?

As market demands for rapid quote responses and technical drawings increase, engineers are overwhelmed with requests. Errors in initial configurations by sales teams only adds to the stress. This often results in an endless cycle of revisions and delays.

  • Our solution stops this cycle by ensuring total order accuracy from the start and facilitating smooth data transfer between departments.
  • With fewer mistakes all around, engineers are freed from constant corrections, allowing them to concentrate on innovation, R&D.

Cost of errors reduction

Faulty-Production Rate Decreased by 76%!


Advantages of the Elfsquad Product Configurator

For customers, Product Configurators provide an easy and efficient way to design and order custom products. For manufacturers, Product Configurators improve the accuracy of orders, reduce production costs, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

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your team to handle unique complexities with confidence.

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processes beyond sales to reduce waste and errors.


channel complexity to support growth.


constant innovation to overcome challenges.


your team with tools for independent business growth.

Integrate Elfsquad with Your Existing Systems

How about the business applications that you currently (and still want to) use? Integrating those systems with Elfsquad is straightforward and free from limitations, thanks to our API-first principle. From SalesForce to Dynamics for Sales and from Autodesk Inventor to Business Central, your growing IT landscape will always run smoothly with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of businesses can benefit from the Elfsquad?

The Elfsquad CPQ  was designed for a wide range of manufacturers, including construction equipment, packaging machinery, lifting equipment, maritime manufacturing, boiler manufacturing, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electrical machinery, and more.

Is the Elfsquad CPQ software suitable as a dealer portal?

Managing different sales channels is a constant challenge. That’s why we designed a “channel management” feature within the Elfsquad. Manage all your selling organizations, including dealers, resellers, and distributors, in one convenient platform.

How do I choose the right software for Product Configuration?

With so many available CPQ software options,  the selection process can become a long and expensive journey. And it’s vital to select the right software, as you’ll invest a lot of time and budget on implementation. If you select the wrong software, you’ll be locked in for years with an inefficient solution that isn’t scalable.

Are there other names for a Product Configurator?
  • Knowledge Based Configuration
  • Product Customization
  • Product Visualization
  • Order Configuration
  • Sales configurator
  • Configure to Order