The Elfsquad Project Configurator:
Product, System, and Project Configuration

Every customer comes with their own unique project requirements. Therefore, management across the entire project is essential. Instead of applying daily changes to every individual product within a project, you need a sustainable way to implement these changes over the full project process.

This is now possible with the Elfsquad Project Configurator.

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Manage Ongoing Process Changes From a Single Source

Without Project Configuration, you face delays and errors in production. Projects with interrelated products, like machines within a machine or an assembly line, must meet specific conditions. That's why it's essential to manage them centrally from one source.

This ensures that any changes made to a product align with the project's overall requirements. Whether it's adjusting for food standards, regional specifications, voltage, or adapting to changing laws, managing everything from one source streamlines processes by saving time and preventing mistakes.

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Product Configuration

For Customer Demands

  • Customization: Tailor products to match customers’ demands.
  • Adaptation: Adjust features within products for needs.
  • Personalization: Modify features like size, color, and pricing.
More Complex

System Configuration

For Streamlined Setups

  • Practical: Set up components for system functionality.
  • Integrative: Configure hardware, software, and networks.
  • Flexible: Establish rules for system behavior.
Most Complex

Project Configuration

For Process Management

  • Align: Define project parameters and requirements.
  • Allocate: Distribute resources and set timelines.
  • Manage: Define budgets, schedules, and deliverables.

WSP Systems Has Reduced Price Calculation Time by 75%

By building a system configurator with Elfsquad Configurator the Excel Sheets have been put away and WSP Systems reduces price calculation time.


wsp-logo (2)

“In comparison we took an old project. We could now configure this entire project within 15 clicks. Previously we would take another similar project, and Inside Sales would work with Excel Sheets to get to the new price of the project.

On one hand our product improvements were not properly taken into account, and on the other hand errors from the previous project were so. This is not what you want at all in a project of this size and complexity.”

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