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Complex Products Manufacturing

You’re worried about falling behind in an ever-changing market. You’re concerned about integrating with other business platforms. You don’t want to depend on IT or external consultants. You want to be future-proof.

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Exceeding Together

We serve a diverse clientele, which means we don't limit our focus to a few industries. The key to strategically planning your business future with Elfsquad lies in embracing the complexity and constant evolution of your products, and being excited by new technology and flexibility rather than intimidated. Read on to discover why other leaders in manufacturing have chosen Elfsquad.


User-Friendly Software for Everyone

Excel price calculations, customized ERPs, and custom-built configurators aren't sustainable solutions. They add limitations and increase dependency on IT and external consultants. Elfsquad empowers everyone in your organization to use the solution. This secures profitability and streamlines your entire end-to-end process.

Business-Led CPQ


Limitless Integration Options

Elfsquad leverages an API-first approach, enabling seamless integration with other business software and applications. This allows you to automate error-prone processes and daily tasks, reducing the risk of mistakes. When your systems communicate effortlessly, you secure smoother operations and scalability.



Future-Proof Functionality

Our software evolves daily based on customer needs. Elfsquad is more than just a quotation tool. It's a platform where you can keep data centralized and easily manage multiple channels. Set up a digitalized sales channel with our showroom feature. Link and implement changes throughout your most complex processes with our project configuration feature. And much more.


Elfsquad CPQ for manufacturing frontrunners

Simplify customization for buyers and sellers with Elfsquad's intuitive tools and seamless integrations.

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Learn how to outsmart infinite complexities for profitable growth.

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