Elfsquad: A Solution for Multi-Channel Sales Management

Managing multiple sales channels, including internal teams, dealers, resellers, and e-commerce platforms is a drain on valuable time. Elfsquad offers a complete solution that centralizes data and guarantees accuracy for effortless omnichannel communication.

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Elfsquad offers a complete solution

Manage Customer Experience
and Scale Profitably

The way you sell your products matters, especially across multiple channels where maintaining consistency in product and pricing information becomes challenging.

Managing individual updates per channel is time-consuming, impacting the buying experience for your customers.

  • Manage all channels from a single source.
  • Speed up time-to-market for new product development.
  • Stay ahead of the competition without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Reduce customer and dealer complaints.
  • Eliminate costly mistakes.
  • Explore different marketing and sales channels with hidden potential.

Boost sales with Simplified Customizations and Dealer Connectivity

All your channels benefit from Elfsquad's centralized data system. End users can easily customize products to their preferences and connect with dealers.

  • Dealers then personalize the model according to the customer's preferences and forward it to production.
  • All production and engineering data is always error-free.

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Manage Location Specific Requirements Across Your Dealers

Combining online showrooms with dealer and reseller environments already allows you to preset data. For example, a machine for an Austrian dealer always defaults to a hydraulic feature addition, while in the Netherlands, it's unnecessary due to the flat lands.

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Opening New Sales Channels Has Never Been Easier

Onboard a new sales distribution channel with the click of a button. All complexities are already tackled so new sales representatives can now sell complex products faster than ever. Instead of giving expensive sales training, you can now ramp up new channels within days instead of months.

This means you'll get more return on your investment and see value more quickly across your entire sales channel.




"Elfsquad's CPQ software didn't just streamline our quotation process; it transformed the way we do business.

Now, our dealers are empowered, our customers are better informed, and we all have a little bit more of a smile at the end of the day"

Jehannes Bottema
CEO at Spinder

Achieve More Than Just Error-Free Quotes