The Elfsquad 3D Product Configurator:
Take Your Product Customizations to the Next Level

Step into the future of product customization. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency as you streamline your customization process with the Elfsquad Visual Configurator solution.

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What Is the Elfsquad Visual Configurator?

Our powerful CPQ software includes an advanced Visual Configuration feature. It’s a digitalized solution for manufacturing businesses, providing sellers and buyers with interactive visualizations and tailored options.

With this solution, end customers or dealers can easily customize even the most complex products. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with your CAD software or other business tools, automating engineering and production processes.


How Does the Elfsquad Visual Configurator Work?

The Elfsquad Visual Configuration simplifies the process of personalizing and customizing products through visual representation. Utilizing 2D or 3D models, images, and interactive tools, users can design their ideal product and visualize how it will appear in reality.

It uses the backend system to make sure the designs fit with what can actually be made. Users make selections through an interactive interface, the system calculates costs, and provides immediate pricing feedback. This makes product customization efficient, accurate, and user-friendly.

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Which Types of Visual Configuration Solutions Does Elfsquad Offer?

  • 2D Visualization: Create sophisticated 2D renders to make your products come to life

  • 3D Visualization:
    • Elfsquad's Standard 3D Viewer: Use Autodesk Forge to visualize your products in Elfsquad
    • Parametric 3D: Use our standard integration with Dynamaker for web-based CAD visualizations and exports
    • Third-Party Visualization: Because we developed a standard, it's easy to integrate with any third-party visualizer, such as Verge 3D

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Benefits of 3D Product Configurator

Simplify processes, reduce errors, and enhance user experience. Promote productivity and success while enabling teams to focus on key tasks.

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Streamlined Customization

Simplify customization for buyers and sales reps, allowing them to instantly visualize changes.
Streamlined Customization

Increased Win Rate

Enhancing product engagement boosts your chance of landing the deal.
Increased Win Rate

Error Reduction

Ensure complex configurations, reducing errors and impossible demands.
Error Reduction


Automate calculations and 3D modeling, speeding up the configuration process.


Free sales reps from manual tasks, allowing them to focus on sales and service, while putting engineers back on R&D again.

Enhanced User Experience

Offer an engaging platform for real-time selection and comprehensible pricing.
Enhanced User Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right Visual Configurator?

When choosing a Visual Configurator, start by identifying your business’ specific needs. Think about your product complexity and customization level. Pick one that supports different visual formats to display your products well. Look for a user-friendly interface for your team and customers to improve the experience and streamline operations. Also, make sure it integrates well with your existing systems like CAD or eCommerce tools.


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What is a 3D Product Configurator?

Taking product visualization a step further, 3D product configurators use 3-dimensional renderings in a virtual showroom to provide customers with a complete, 360-degree view of their order.


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How much does a Visual Configurator cost?

The cost of a Visual Configurator varies depending on the requirements, complexity and range of functions.


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Are there other names for a Visual Configurator?
  • 3D Product Configurator
  • Customization Tool
  • Interactive Configurator
  • Digital Configurator
  • Visual Product Customizer
  • Design and Configuration Software
  • Virtual Product Builder
  • Configuration Engine
  • Product Personalization Tool

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