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3D Product Configurator: Optimize, visualize and convert

3D configurator is a digital solution for manufacturing companies that provides sellers and buyers with interactive visualizations and personalized offers. Let end customers or dealers flawlessly configure the most complex products, and directly integrate with your CAD software or other business software you have in use to automate engineering and production processes.

Elfsquad, more than a 3D configurator
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Elfsquad's Online 3D Configurator

What is a 3D configurator?

A 3D product configurator allows your customers to access all the possibilities in your product offering within a digital environment. Customers can customize and personalize your products in a way that meets their requirements. They can interactively choose between the different options of your product. 3D configurators are not only useful for consumer goods, but also for manufacturing companies that produce complex products, like machinery or conveyors.


Show the differentiating details of your product with online 3D configurator.

  • Show all options and features of your product with 3D configuration. Let your customers experience distinguishing details. Providing customization options is a great way to boost upsell when you arm your 3D product configurator software with commercial texts and images. 

Invite your customers to the three-dimensional world. Not only your sales team and dealers.

  • With an online 3D configurator, your customers can customize your products to their needs. Meet your customers’ expectations and increase their satisfaction. Introduce all variations of your products to your customers with a 3D configurator on your website.

Not only online 3D product configuration.

  • Implementing a 3D configurator has benefits beyond being online visible with your products: By generation of quotations, bills of materials and controlling CAD parameters, you can automate your whole pre-production process. So you are two-steps ahead of competition.

Benefits of 3D Configurators

How a 3D website configurator enhances competitive advantage?

Show your product: anytime & anywhere

Our software is designed as fully cloud- and web-based. This allows your customers to reach you with "one click". You can display your products as you wish and always be reachable. You will see the positive effects on your sales processes.

Put engineers back on R&D again

The life of an average engineer consists of order engineering. That’s a waste of time when you consider that Elfsquad CPQ can generate CAD files automatically. You provide the parametric models, we take care of the integrations. This is how we let the engineers do R&D again!

Let sales representatives do sales again

Because you eliminate sales in the primary process (customer orientation), you utilize sales where they are best: in the value adding process of your customers. A sales team that can respond quickly to customers' demands and access the details of the products at any time. Exactly as you aimed.

Customize the customer experience

The customizability of your product is very important in the sales processes. Multiple variants, product features, you name it... Online 3D configuration software gives customers directly the right impression of your products. Now your sales reps are one step ahead to create the loyalty of customers you are looking for.

Involve your customers in the game

What you need most in your marketing, sales and engineering processes: your customers experience your products on an online platform and create production orders at the push of a button. It is possible to set up this automation from end to end with 3D configuration. It helps you to communicate directly with your customers. 3D configuration software is not just an online tool, it's your shot at eliminating all the errors around your pre-production process.

Shorten your sales cycle

You want to present special offers to the demands of each of your customers. Your sales team has to do similar calculations over and over again for each request. That's why you want to automate this process with a customized offer for your customers. It is important for your brand that you provide a response to each request. Save your sales team from this long cycle. Create a system where they can easily find solutions. Shorten run times massively and in a customized way. Save time. As a result, your sales team wins, you win.

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Integrate with everything

Combine a 3D configurator with other existing systems

CRM, ERP, PDM, CAD, websites, office packages, (cloud) storage locations: The IT landscape of a modern manufacturing company is comprehensive. Fortunately, you get the most out of your 3D configurator when it is in company..

Designed to meet all manufacturing companies.

A 3D product configurator that is fully customized for your manufacturing company is not scalable. You have high maintenance costs and for every change you hang up the phone for a consultant. With Elfsquad 3D product configurator you use a platform in which you build your own scalable 3D configurator. With low-threshold integrations for your logistic follow-up.

What surprised us the most is probably gaining the ability to explain our complicated machines in such a clear manner.

Marco Bouter

Internal Sales - Vredo

Error-free synchronization

The right integration brings you the right result. Fully automated software gives you speed. It prevents you from making mistakes, data loss. It doesn't matter which ERP system or which CRM system you use. Integration is our strongest point.

It becomes a win-win situation: your clients can directly configure the desired product on our website.

Piet Yntema

Manager at Ufkes Greentec

Why Elfsquad 3D Configurator

The factors to more efficiency by using an online 3D product configurator

How does a 3D configurator add more value to your marketing and sales process?


Are you ready to speed up? Meet the user-friendly structure of the Elfsquad 3D product configuration system. Your customer can request the solution to their needs in seconds. It speeds up the quotation and order processes. No waiting. Instant configuration.


Any data transferred incorrectly will reduce your efficiency. Let a 3D product configurator prepare an error-free, efficient process for your manufacturing company. Direct your customers’ needs towards flawless production.


Easier sales

Do you want to increase efficiency in product sales processes? Customers can combine your products with different features as they wish. Save time by configuring your products in a real 3D environment.


We know you want to strengthen the bond between your departments.The right configuration will get you the right workflows.

Step by step

How Elfsquad users successfully implement their 3D configurators?

1) Building product structures

It doesn't matter which document you have for your products. Whether 3D CAD data or 2D drawings. Even product photos or original templates. With this data, we create and optimize models of your products.

2) Add visualization

We prepare the infrastructure suitable for your demand and needs. We design a user-friendly interface proportional to the usage habits of your customers. Completely unique to you and reflecting your brand.

3) Launch your 3D configurator

Now your customers will be able to access your products whenever and wherever they want. They will be able to access the product they need with the variants you have presented. Variants are from you, combinations are from them.

They already chose Elfsquad 3D Configurator

After a successful Proof of Concept we chose Elfsquad, as we find it to be an advanced and elegant platform. A platform that provides an intuitive user experience while users gain control over the data and how this is displayed in the form of a Q&A game.
The Coca-Cola Cross Enterprise Procurement Group
Sales & Marketing Equipment team
Read the story of Sales & Marketing Equipment team
A custom-build configurator is obsolete the day you have it. With Elfsquad CPQ we always use the latest software, so we are more future-proof with a CPQ SaaS solution.
Hendrik Decramer
Chief Executive Officer
Read the story of Dewulf Group
‘During the first sales conversations we had the best feeling with Elfsquad. We did not have the idea that any other party, competitors both national and international, knew exactly what we needed.’
Cor Aalbers
R&D Manager
Read the story of WSP Systems
A configurator forces you to finetune your standardization. Salespeople present a visual and correct pitch to the customer. And the time we used to lose to work preparation must have been cut in half so far.
Bram de Koning Jr.
Product Manager
Read the story of Cellro
We can state that our quotation runtime has been reduced by 50% thus far. With these final steps, we have digitized the entire pre-production process, leading to very positive results concerning our competitive position.
Davey Giesen
Chief Operating Officer
Read the story of Giesen Coffee Roasters
When we zoom out of all of its applications, Elfsquad’s simplicity is distinctive. And solid software is the basis, of course, but the click with contacts is of equal importance.
Bart Kroese
Read the story of Euronorm Drive Systems
Elfsquad turned out to be the solution, because it contains a knowledge set which practically holds the user’s hand when answering the question of what exactly is needed to fulfill customers’ wishes, and with that explains all of its different options in an infinite amount of languages.
Marco Bouter
Sales office
Read the story of Vredo
The complexity of our products can no longer be described on paper; what is printed today, will be obsolete tomorrow. Additionally, on paper you will never gain all the knowledge needed to configure our products correctly; made without error and optimally fitting the customer’s needs.
Peter Lenferink
Read the story of Manter
Where in the past we would get stuck in lengthy sales trajectories, we now go through them in mere minutes after implementing Elfsquad. Customers used to order complex calculations or complicated pricelists. This requires both waiting- and labor time. Which are reduced enormously through a product configurator that integrates directly with your infrastructure.
Willem Swinkels
Design Engineer
Read the story of Tilbox
The configurator reinforces our competitive position, and our customers are experiencing the same problems during the pre-production process. We see a future for our customers in the configurator. Because profits for manufacturing businesses are often reduced by the costs of spillage. By eliminating every possible error in the pre-production process, you are able to regain a big portion of this profit.
Paul Kok
Sr. Business Development Manager
Read the story of IJssel Technology
When, as a production company, you sell wares to increase internal productivity, you need to make sure you optimize your own internal productivity. Which is where Elfsquad came in handy.
Thomas Hoekstra
Quality manager
Read the story of Health2Work
Elfsquad removes all uncertainty, dealers can immediately see pricing when writing up the quotations, and as a result it can be composed together with the customer. In turn, revisions become a thing of the past.
Robert-Paul Frenken
Design Engineer
Read the story of Smartbox
yala-canvas-lodges-production (1)
Elfsquad was easy to design and showed a user-friendly impression. Where other packages are dependent on hours of consultancy. Elfsquad even delivered a presentation with a pre-loaded model.
Edwin Weteling
Commercial Director
Read the story of YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges
The output makes sense: an order is simply correct. Nowadays, we no longer need to worry about faulty compositions of the wheelchairs.
Herwin Westra
Design Engineer
Read the story of Veldink4kids
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