Elfsquad CPQ for
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

You're struggling with inaccurate calculations, automation, and a lack of data security.
System compatibility and integrations with other business software is also causing issues.
All of this leads to overall inefficiencies, errors, and lower product quality.

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Real-Time Customization: 

Allow customers to personalize equipment specifications instantly, providing them with a tailored experience that meets their unique needs and preferences. By enabling this level of customization, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates, ultimately driving sales growth.

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Collaboration and Visualization

A user-friendly interface and 3D visuals let everyone involved, like engineers, designers, and clients, work together easily and see project plans as they develop. This keeps everyone on the same page from start to finish, making the project run more smoothly.

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Limitless Integration Options

Elfsquad leverages an API-first approach, enabling seamless integration with other business software and applications. This allows you to automate error-prone processes and daily tasks, reducing the risk of mistakes. When your systems communicate effortlessly, you secure smoother operations and scalability.

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