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You're struggling with setting up complex systems, leading to mistakes and wasted resources. Poor collaboration causes communication issues and mismatched components. Inefficient use of space disrupts workflows and raises costs, while lack of visualization tools results in expensive errors and delays.

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Streamlined Configuration:

Make configuring complex machinery easier. Our linked models seamlessly integrate each machine within a machine, so you can customize precisely to fit your needs. Design intricate production lines faster and with fewer mistakes.

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Optimized Resource Allocation:

Make sure every component in the production line fits the customer’s needs. Consider what each part needs, even within other parts. This cuts down on waste, boosts productivity, and makes the most of resources, saving money during production.



Improved Collaboration:

Improve communication among everyone involved in setting up complex production lines with one central platform for sharing ideas in real-time. Engineers, designers, sales teams, and clients can all give input, make smart choices, and ensure that nested machinery fits together smoothly. This builds trust and makes the process more efficient for everyone.

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Optimized Floorspace Planning

Maximize efficiency and productivity by smartly arranging machinery, customizing layouts, and using visualization tools to prevent costly disruptions.

Customer case

WSP Systems wipes Excel Sheets off the table and reduces price calculation time by 75%

It becomes a win-win situation: customers are served perfectly by the account managers and Inside Sales, while engineering can get to work immediately without any confusion throughout the trajectory.

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Our Customers Are Scaling Up

Together, we’re reshaping the manufacturing landscape.

"A custom-build configurator is obsolete the day you have it. With Elfsquad CPQ we always use the latest software, so we are more future-proof with a CPQ SaaS solution."
Hendrik Decramer
"We've cut our quotation time in half and doubled our handling capacity, leading to a 20% increase in revenue. Elfsquad has not only streamlined our operations but also empowered our sales team to focus more on customer engagement."
Niels Beers
"Flexibility is our competitive advantage. We can go the extra mile, where our competitors say 'stop, no further'. Elfsquad matches that expectation."
Robert den Besten
“Before Elfsquad we felt we were held back, ...powerless. We were growing 15% per year, doubling every 5 years. It felt stressful. We simply couldn't live up to that anymore.”
Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 09.47.41
Dieke Ploeg
WSP Systems
"A big challenge we would have without a configurator is always needing an engineer to help with quotes. Elfsquad enabled us to streamline the quote-to-cash process. The 30-day trial really helped us to get to know the software."
Sara Downes
"Of course, solid software is the basis, but adding a personal touch is also valuable. After discussing integrations, we were impressed with the limitless possibilities with Elfsquad."
Bart Kroese
"Our quotation lead time has already been reduced by 50%. With these final steps, we have digitalized the entire pre-production process, with very positive consequences for our competitive position"
Davey Giesen
Giesen Coffee Roasters
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