Archer Technology - Beyond CPQ

Our CPQ software is based on Archer Technology. This technology is developed in-house at Elfsquad by the smartest heads within the AI space. This technology enables us to step outside the box of existing CPQ functionalities. This has a major impact on your user experience. Archer Technology helps you with building your configuration models, calculates with you, and enables you to get a grip on the complexity of your product.

We consider Archer Technology as the powerhouse of Elfsquad, and on this page, we explain how you benefit from the application of this AI-based solver.

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Archer Technology helps build your configuration models

While building your configuration models and using very sophisticated formulas, in the background Archer AI dynamically calculates everything dynamically. Making mistakes is human. If you overlook something among all your different formulas, Archer exactly tells you what to modify and why.

  • You’re creating your models, and Archer makes sure you do so flawlessly.
  • Archer always keeps you from wandering through all your formulas.
  • Archer provides diagnostics in a user-friendly way.

Archer AI calculates with you

One choice made within the capabilities of your product affects a lot of other things. Think about the choice for the width, length, and type of conveyor belt, everything has to be calculated to get the right configuration. You do want this as a 100% cloud solution, so you’re not bound to the computing power of your device.

That’s why Archer Technology is:

  • Constantly calculating dynamically with you.
  • Always looking for optimization in your formulas.
  • Build to give results within milliseconds, visually.

Build project and system configurations

Applying Archer Technology enables us to create functionalities outside the current CPQ domain: project and system configurations. 1 product can already have a staggering number of configurations. But what if you manufacture entire systems with multiple configurable products that are interdependent?

This is when Archer Technology is at its best:

  • Interrelationships are checked in real-time and the impact is immediately visible.
  • Archer enables you to build projects or complete systems without hesitations.

Get a handle on the complexity of your product with Elfsquad CPQ

When putting together a bike, with the choice of 5 different frames, 7 colors, and 3 types of grips, you already end with 105 different compositions. Add in the choices for wheels and pedals and this number runs into the thousands. Now do the math for the machine you manufacture. Exactly, the number of configurations is staggering.

You look at this page because you know that with CPQ software you can get a handle on this gigantic number of configurations. But Archer Technology goes beyond these limited frameworks. Archer dynamically calculates in the background with everything you do. It helps you build the most complex configuration models and even makes suggestions if you accidentally overlook something. This not only gives you a grip on the complexity of your product but gives you the quickest time-to-market. Are you ready for a scalable and future-proof CPQ solution?

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