World’s Only Product Configurator on the Zapier Platform

product configurator on zapier

Elfsquad can now proudly claim to be the only product configurator on the Zapier platform. With Zapier, in partnership with Elfsquad, you can create and manage workflows at lightning speed. You can also connect Elfsquad to 5,000+ other business applications, and that brings a ton of benefits. For example, with just a few clicks, you can link Elfsquad to Outlook, making manual tasks a thing of the past. Read more about these easy-to-create integrations in this blog.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The Elfsquad Product Configurator has many integrations. With Zapier, the focus is also on low-code platforms. To get everything out of your existing IT landscape. This type of integration makes it possible to link all your business applications together quickly and easily.

In recent years, the IT landscape has changed a lot for many companies. The landscape has simply become incredibly large. For that reason, in addition to standard integrations, Elfsquad also provides the ability to develop your integrations.

Of course, you want to work with the best software of its kind; we call this best-of-breed. You use the best tools and integrate them, which brings many advantages. Including saving time by automating all manual work. And in addition, it helps to attract new staff: millennials and Gen Zs love easy-to-use tools that are also easy to connect. So you can keep working with your favorite software systems, expand your IT landscape even further, and finally fully integrate all tools with the Elfsquad Product Configurator.


The Benefits of Low-Code

Low-code platforms make it possible to create fully customized integrations without writing a single line of code. From extensive links to workflows that take away those manual steps. Of course, we have already rolled up our sleeves to prepare several standard templates (workflows) for the manufacturing industry. You can simply log in and get started right away.

Integrate with Anything and Everything

The Zapier Platform consists of 5000+ applications that can all interface with Elfsquad. The possibilities are so diverse that we’ll stick to just two examples.

1. Remove Unnecessary Steps From the Sales Process

Printing out quotations, signing them manually, and then scanning them in again? This is not only bad for the environment, but it’s also a super inefficient process. A manual process that can easily be automated. Your customer prefers to add their signature without too many actions. You can connect Elfsquad with various apps that allow adding digital signatures to quotations. Think of apps like Signnow. By creating workflows between Elfsquad and these apps, you lower the threshold for signing a quotation. Is the quotation accepted? Then the status in Elfsquad immediately changes to ‘accepted’. Completely digital, completely ‘scan-free’. And therefore without human intervention. Just one push of a button.


2. Lightning-Fast Follow-Up of Sales

If you use Elfsquad, you also have the option to create an online showroom. This showroom is available for customers to request a quote. Our client Smartbox does this the same way. A potential customer can configure their desired Smartbox. After configuring, a quote can be requested immediately.

Take a look at how our customer Smartbox does it…smartbox-online-configurator
… a flawlessly configured product by every interested visitor.

Now Sales comes into the picture. Take a look at the “zap” below:

The prompt New Quotation Requested within Elfsquad ensures that when a new quotation is created, an email is immediately sent to your sales team. Of course, all relevant data is present. Sales can follow up on the lead immediately.

But this can be even more specific. Suppose a quotation request comes in from a particular region. With a simple zap, you can automatically notify the region manager. Or is the quotation value higher than a certain amount? Then the sales manager will be notified immediately.

The best part is: you only have to log in with your Outlook account and your Elfsquad account to execute this workflow. Why start an endless custom integration process, if you can just build it yourself?