Elfsquad, world’s first Product Configurator on the Zapier Platform

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We can proudly announce that we are the first product configurator (CPQ software) available on the Zapier Platform! Only with Elfsquad Product Configurator are you able to create and manage workflows between Elfsquad and over 2000 other business applications, at the speed of lightning, on the Zapier platform.

World’s first Product Configurator on Zapier!

Next to building as many standard Elfsquad integrations as possible, we also intensely focus on low-code platforms. Because to make the most of Elfsquad Product Configurator, it is important that you can quickly connect with the systems you are currently using. The worldwide IT-landscape is simply too big to realize a standard connection with each application. Which is why we have recently been hard at work to make our application available on the Zapier platform. And that is not the first low-code platform where our product configurator is available. On Microsoft Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow), too, Elfsquad is exclusively available as the only configurator.

These platforms make it possible to create completely tailor-made integrations without writing a single line of code. From expansive CRM connections to workflows taking away the extra daily irritations. On top of that, creating so-called ‘zaps’ (workflows) is quite enjoyable.

Obviously, we have made the necessary steps to make a number of templates (workflows) ready for the manufacturing industry. You can simply log in and directly get to work.

Too many to mention

The Zapier Platform consists of over 2000 different applications which can now all be linked with Elfsquad. The possibilities are so divergent that it is literally too much to mention. But to paint a picture we will demonstrate a few examples of applying the Zapier Platform.

Take away unnecessary steps from the sales process

Printing quotations, signing and then scanning them again? We assume that your customer would rather do this with the push of a button. A lot of applications on Zapier are able to sign quotations digitally. This allows convenient integrations with for example Signnow, Docusign, and many more. By creating workflows between Elfsquad and these integrations you simplify signing a quotation. Quotation accepted? Elfsquad will directly shift its status to ‘accepted’. Completely digital, no scanning necessary.

Succession of Sales at the speed of lightning

Imagine, you employ Elfsquad’s configurator on your website. Available for customers to request quotations. Take a look at how our customer Smartbox does it…

Smartbox’s Elfsquad Online Configurator

… a flawlessly composed product by every interested visitor.

Now Sales comes into the picture. Take a look at the ‘zap’ below:

Quotation request? An e-mail is sent directly to your sales team!

The Elfsquad trigger ‘New Quotation Requested’ will directly notify, for example, your sales team when a new quotation is created. Obviously, all necessary data is included. Sales can directly tackle the new lead.

Yet, this can get much more specific. Imagine a quotation request from a certain region appears. Through a simple ‘zap’, you would be able to send an automatic notification to the according regional manager.

Or the quotation price might be higher than a certain amount. In that case, the sales manager will be notified directly. 

CRM: From lead to accepted quotation

CRM forms the common thread in lead- and customer contact. Which is why we offer a standard CRM integration for a lot of packages. For example, our standard Insightly integration. Plenty of CRM packages can be found on Zapier. Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho CRM to name a few.

A connection between the configurator and CRM is essential in a digital sales process. Elfsquad Product Configurator is the ‘first contact’ with your product catalog. As leads and/or end customers can autonomously request quotations (or even production orders). Or salespeople directly compose the product, working closely together with the customer. Simply by working through the configurator together, face to face. Or in a more modern way: using screen sharing.

By employing Zapier you can synchronize your leads and customers’ statuses live. Below, you can check out how a workflow between Elfsquad and CRM might look:

  1. A new sales chance pops up in CRM? A quotation containing the same contact data is directly rolled out in Elfsquad.
  2. Next up, you add a configuration to the quotation in Elfsquad.
  3. The configurator directly creates a flawless, professional quotation.
  4. Quotation accepted? The CRM status, too, shifts to ‘accepted’.

To tackle the first three steps we have prepared standard Zapier templates for you. For example, the one Zoho CRM uses:

Want to create or update contacts from Elfsquad to your CRM package? Not a problem.

A new lead is created in Zoho CRM. Afterwards, a CRM account is created in Elfsquad. When this step is carried out a quotation is automatically made.

The best thing is: you only have to log in with your Zoho CRM account and your Elfsquad account to carry out this workflow. Why start an endless trajectory worth thousands of euros for a customization integration when you can simply create it yourself?

And even if you cannot manage to make something work we will gladly offer you our assistance, or show you what is (or is not) possible with our integration on Zapier!

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Working together on prize-winning software.

We let our innovative power in the manufacturing industry speak and are proud to say that we have received a number of prominent awards with Elfsquad. This motivates us further to fulfill our mission together with our customers: Ensure the manufacturing industry the right to exist.

2019Partner Award 2019 of ECI Ridder
2019Nomination Deloitte Rising Star Award – Fast 50
2018Winner Noordelijke Innovatie Award
2018Winner Ondernemersprijs Smallingerland
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