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Euronorm: Elfsquad as pillar in the sales- and production process

Euronorm Drive Systems is a company specialized in the area of drive technology. The different drives and drive systems are product families in Euronorm’s product range. The most important product group is geared motors. These are different types of gearboxes combined with an integrated motor. The geared motors are marketed in the world of mechanical engineering. But in the reparation sector, too, Euronorm’s drive technology is encountered a lot. We talked to Bart Kroese (CEO – Euronorm Drive Systems) about how they chose for Elfsquad Product Configurator as a pillar in the sales- and production process.

Euronorm & the obstacles every manufacturing business runs into

Euronorm’s product range is broad, extremely broad: “Varying gearboxes exist: flat plug-in gearboxes (JRT F), worm gearboxes (JRT S), bevel gearboxes (JRT K), and so forth. These are assembled using electronic motors. These motors in turn have different speeds, different construction sizes, engine powers, which all can be supplied with different options. Such as different brakes, for example. It is a prime example of a product that can be customized in a plethora of ways. Resulting in no order being the sames as another.”In January, Euronorm joined Elfsquad. The search in the beginning of this year was driven by clear internal and external factors.

Internally, the focus was on finding a more efficient way of handling processes. It was clear that they were looking for an errorless and flexible way of creating quotations and generating products.“Our product is very variable. Every order is different. This makes the sales of geared motors so knowledge-intensive that for years we have been unable to work without a configurator.” Previously,

Euronorm used an Excel Configurator. An Excel Configurator is seen more often in the manufacturing industry. All leading to the same conclusion: it does not last.To only name a few reasons:

- No digital marketing.
- No dealer management.
- Never having all stakeholders up-to-date.

Euronorm’s vision for the future, too, required a party with the same look ahead:

But externally, too, Euronorm felt pressured to work Configure-to-order: “Our customers actually want to be able to download the CAD files during the quotation process. So that they may speed up their own engineering process”, Kroese explains.

And Euronorm’s many dealers, too, need to be managed easily in an online tool. On top of that, these dealers experience the same problems in the order intake process as Euronorm:“Dealers as well should be able to create professional quotations flawlessly, all using personal margins and discounts. With Euronorm in the dealers’ management, of course.”

To summarize, Euronorm sought an efficient, but most importantly errorless way to generate orders, process them, and document them. A digital sales, order intake, and after-sales process.

Taking away the complexity in the pre-production process.

Despite the endless amount of options, there is still a certain modularity in Euronorm’s product range: “All of our products fit in reasonably within well defined basic components. Allowing us to make configurations”. And creating these configurations turned out to not be that complicated in Elfsquad’s product configurator. Kroese: “You can easily create a configuration, while the possibilities within your product package are immense.”, Bart Kroese explains.

“The Excel Configurator simply was not sufficient. When generating a PDF (quotation) from Excel you will end up struggling when editing it to keep it clear enough.” Elfsquad’s PDF generation turned out to be much simpler: “With the press of a button both we and our dealers are able to generate a flawless and good looking PDF document.”, Kroese says. As a result, Euronorm demonstrates professionality to both customers and dealers.

The possibility in Elfsquad for creating an online showroom helps Euronorm to quickly take steps towards a wholly digital portal for customers. Elfsquad’s management system grants you an online showroom in no-time, on your own domain and in your own style.

“When we zoom out of all applications, the simplicity of Elfsquad’s configurator is distinguishing. Configuring is not easy, as we have found out when using the configurator in our old ERP package. By combining Elfsquad’s configuring knowledge with our product strutcture knowledge, the configuration models were built up relatively quickly. It is also essential to use a flexible tool, where you can easily try out and test new ideas, because it is okay for your configuration models to become complex.”

 When we zoom out of all of its applications, Elfsquad’s simplicity is distinctive. And solid software is the basis, of course, but the click with contacts is of equal importance. 

Bart Kroese

Director at Euronorm

100% Configure-to-order with Elfsquad & Autodesk Inventor

Using Elfsquad’s management system allows you to convert technically complex product structures to visual and easy-to-configure products in no-time (even for end users). This consequently supplies you with the Showroom in one click, on your own domain, in your own style.

Elfsquad’s possibility to create an online Showroom has helped Euronorm to quickly take steps towards a completely digital portal for customers:

The customer starts the ordering process in the webshop on the Euronorm portal.
Can the customer not find the product they are looking for? They are then redirected to the Elfsquad showroom, so that they can configure it themselves.

The configured product is synchronized by the configurator towards Autodesk Inventor (CAD) and ERP. To turn it into a standard product, including 3D drawings and engineering.
The newly configured standard product is then added to the webshop, so that it can be ordered from the webshop directly from now on.

Euronorm realizes the potential in Power Automate

The link between Elfsquad and Power Automate provides Euronorm with flexibility when it comes to integrations. Which results in a flexible collaboration between both parties.

Elfsquad Product Configurator is world’s first product configurator on the Microsoft Power Automate platform. And Euronorm Drive Systems quickly discovered this added value. As supplement to standard links, you can create workflows and links in a simple manner through Power Automate. Without needing further programming knowledge. Similar to Elfsquad: user friendly.

Kroese: “The parameters are calculated in Elfsquad, and via Power Automate they are eventually sent to Autodesk Inventor. As a result, complex 3D models can be composed and made available for our customers. This way, they can quickly move on to further engineering of their own machines.”.

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