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Kumatech lays the foundation for European expansion with CPQ

Kumatech is the go-to source for internal logistic challenges. The floor-structure-based Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) represents a powerful innovation crafted by the Brabant-based company. The layout in the production hall for manufacturing businesses is in constant evolution. Each production process undergoes continuous optimization, necessitating AGVs to adapt to this flexibility. Kumatech responds to this demand by developing their floor structure-based AGVs, but that's not all. Kumatech offers comprehensive solutions for SMEs and larger manufacturing companies' internal logistic processes, spanning from storage to transport, encompassing sales, engineering, and production.

Kumatech is making significant strides in the internal logistics market and is aiming for European expansion

To facilitate this growth, the front-end foundation, namely the sales process, must be top-notch. Subsequently, this foundation needs to be streamlined to seamlessly align with the production process. Kumatech has found this essential base in Elfsquad. John Jaspers, Manager at Kumatech, explains why they chose Elfsquad, highlighting how the software enables Kumatech to maintain competitive prices and how a configurator enhances transparency for the customer.

The mutual enthusiasm has transformed Kumatech into a true Elfsquad ambassador. Watch the entire video to hear Kumatech’s story and discover their experiences with Elfsquad CPQ.

By tightly and seamlessly designing the front-end with Elfsquad, we can maintain competitive pricing effectively. One major reason we consistently opt for Elfsquad is that we have full control over this entire aspect. I don't have to continually reach out to a helpdesk or consultant. After just one implementation day, I could hit the ground running.

John Jaspers

Manager at Kumatech

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