They already chose Elfsquad

Where in the past we would get stuck in lengthy sales trajectories, we now go through them in mere minutes after implementing Elfsquad. Customers used to order complex calculations or complicated pricelists. This requires both waiting- and labor time. Which are reduced enormously through a product configurator that integrates directly with your infrastructure.
Willem Swinkels
Design Engineer
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When we zoom out of all of its applications, Elfsquad’s simplicity is distinctive. And solid software is the basis, of course, but the click with contacts is of equal importance.
Bart Kroese
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yala-canvas-lodges-production (1)
Elfsquad was easy to design and showed a user-friendly impression. Where other packages are dependent on hours of consultancy. Elfsquad even delivered a presentation with a pre-loaded model.
Edwin Weteling
Commercial Director
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We can state that our quotation runtime has been reduced by 50% thus far. With these final steps, we have digitized the entire pre-production process, leading to very positive results concerning our competitive position.
Davey Giesen
Chief Operating Officer
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As in our group of companies, the power of the configurator lies in the combination. All combinations of options are presented to our customer, thereby increasing his or her involvement in our organization and our product.
Alexander Plegt
Management - Plegt Bodywork Group
Many of our international customers can now configure our product themselves. This is checked and production follow-up can begin.
Willem Swinkels
R&D Engineer - Tilbox
Solid software is of course the basis, but the click with the contacts is also important. The integrations were discussed and there is flexibility at Elfsquad.
Bart Kroese
CEO - Euronorm
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