Sales configurator: Sell complex products through Elfsquad

Sellers of complex machines, installations, bodywork, and similar complex products all encounter the same challenge: products are becoming increasingly complex because of growing interest in customization. And this customization is seen again in time-consuming quoting, long-term lead contact and not doing what a salesman likes to do most: selling things.

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Automated quotation documents

Long-term contact about quotation documents with both the customer and dealers causes frustrations within the sales process. For this reason, Elfsquad Sales Configurator automates creating and rolling out quotation documents. Because sales, too, can be automated.

  • Completely automated, errorless quotations
  • Drastically reduces the lead time of your sales process
  • No long-term customer contact, direct integration with CRM

Increase conversions with Elfsquad Sales Configurator

The output of Elfsquad Sales Configurator is aimed at increasing conversions. Use 3D CAD models in the sales configurator to make sales easies. This way, distinctive details in your product range are placed in the spotlight, and the customer immediately gets to know your product.

  • Convincing quotation documents aimed at the customer’s needs
  • Rich text and explanation about your delivered solution
  • Visualization of your product range

Guided Selling enables optimal configurations

Composing complex products cannot be done alone. Guided Selling allows salesmen to configure products without error. It is so accessible that this could even be left entirely to dealers or end customers.

  • By utilizing Guided Selling, the customer’s needs are always perfectly translated
  • The sales configurator takes on the role of guiding salesmen and dealers through configuration

Eliminate errors in production succession

Acquiring an order is one thing. Delivering a flawless product after is the next step in the process. Through far-reaching integrations with ERP and CAD you can always deliver a flawless succession of production. By converting configurations to bills of materials and construction schematics. Fully automated.

  • Synchronization of bills of materials to ERP
  • Automatic control of CAD models
  • Configure production planning software

What is a Sales Configurator?

A Sales Configurator is a calculation tool for salesmen. The software allows them to compose modularly built products without error, using predefined rules and parameters. A Sales Configurator directly allows creation of a neat quotation.

Sales Configurator versus Product Configurator

The difference between a Sales Configurator and a Product Configurator is mainly the way they are used. The software is the same. When using a Sales Configurator, the main focus is on price and quotation. Whereas a Product Configurator focuses on the composed bill of materials. In other words, Engineering.

In Elfsquad all functionalities, for Sales as well as Engineering, are all integrated into one application. The software is a total solution that forms the link between Sales, Engineering, and production, and in turn optimizes your entire pre-production process.

Composing the Elfsquad Sales Configurator

It is of great importance that the sales configurator is going to sell for you. Which is why Elfsquad does not require IT knowledge, but commercially aimed product knowledge. During a sales pitch, the product structures are easily gone through in the form of a simple Q&A game.

In a demo we directly demonstrate what Elfsquad Sales Configurator could mean for your processes. And what the future of your company looks like.

Elfsquad & Partners

To reach the entirety of the production industry as fast as possible we have established partnerships with Exact Online and Ridder Data Systems, among others. Fast integration with other software is necessary for manufacturing businesses. Which is why we realize as many integrations as possible through ERP, CAD, CRM and more.

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