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Sales configurator: Sell complex products through Elfsquad

Time-consuming quotation processes, customization, technical product knowlegde and much more. All sorts of bottlenecks run into by sellers of complex machines, installations, and bodyworks. The solution? A sales configurator. It helps a salesman do what he wants to do: selling.

A sales configurator supports all your processes
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Time-consuming quotations through a push on the button

Digitalize the quotation process

Long-term contact with both customers and dealers about quotation documents makes for frustration within the sales process. Which is why Elfsquad automates the setup and sending of quotation documents. Because sales, too, can be automated.

  • Completely automated, errorless quotations
  • Shorten runtime of the sales process drastically
  • No long-term customer contact, direct integration with CRM
Where in the past we would be stuck in long sales processes, they have turned into a matter of minutes after implementing Elfsquad. Customers used to request complex calculations or complicated pricing lists. Causing both extra labor time and waiting time. This is reduced enormously when using a sales configurator
Willem Swinkels
Design Engineer - Tilbox

Raise your conversions through a sales configurator

Visualization & Guided Selling


Elfsquad Sales Configurator’s output is aimed at raising the amount of conversions. Use 3D CAD models in the sales configurator to give sales a boost. This way, you directly shine light upon the distinctive details in your product range. And your customer immediately gets an impression of your product.

  • Convincing quotation documents aimed at the customer’s needs
  • Rich texts and explanations about your delivered solution
  • Visualization of your product range

Composing complex products is far from a one-man job. Guided Selling allows salesmen to configure products flawlessly. It is accessible enough that even dealers or end customers can do this for you.

  • Through Guided Selling the customer’s wishes are always perfectly adapted to
  • The sales configurator takes both sellers and dealers by the hand during composition
Elfsquad turned out to be the solution, because it contains a knowledge package that takes the user completely by the hand, as it were, when answering the question of what exactly is needed to fulfill the customer’s wishes, and on top of that explains every different customization possibility in an endless amount of ways.
Marco Bouter
Internal Sales - Vredo

Flawless input paves the way for flawless output

Eliminate errors in production follow-up


Hauling in an order is one thing. Delivering a flawless product is the next step in the process. Through extensive integrations with ERP & CAD you always provide an impeccable production follow-up. By converting configurations to bills of materials and blueprints. Entirely automated.

  • Synchronization of BOMs to ERP
  • Automatic control over CAD models
  • Remotely control over production planning software
From customer orientation on our website, assistance with engineering processes, beginning of production, and after sales documents: everything is digitalized and because of that as errorless and efficient as possible.
Bart Kroes
Euronorm Drive Systems - CEO
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What is a sales configurator?

A Sales Configurator is a calculation tool for salesmen. The software allows salesmen to flawlessly compose modularly built products, using predetermined rules and parameters. A Sales Configurator allows direct setting up of a tight quotation.

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Sales- VS Product Configurator

The difference between a Sales Configurator and a Product Configurator is mostly seen in their usage. The software is the same. But the focus within a Sales Configurator lies in the pricing and quotation. Whereas for a Product Configurator the focus lies in the built bill of materials, in other words, Engineering.

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Elfsquad's design

It is important that the sales configurator is going to do a portion of your sales. As such, Elfsquad does not require programming knowledge, but commercially aimed product knowledge. The product structures are poured into a simple game of question and answer, and are gone over during the sales pitch.

It Works.

Our software works. Not only for your product, also within your company. Our CPQ software is compatible with all software applications: From MS Business Central to Hubspot and from Inventor to Google Analytics. We have standard integrations for the most commonly used IT applications.

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Working together on prize-winning software.

We let our innovative power in the manufacturing industry speak and are proud to say that we have received a number of prominent awards with Elfsquad. This motivates us further to fulfill our mission together with our customers: Ensure the manufacturing industry the right to exist.

2019Partner Award 2019 of Ridder Data Software B.V.
2019Nomination Deloitte Rising Star Award – Fast 50
2018Winner Noordelijke Innovatie Award
2018Winner Ondernemersprijs Smallingerland

They already chose Elfsquad.

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