Meet the Elfsquad

We love makers. And we want to secure their existence. We do this not only with our software. We do that as hard-working experts, with the focus on the right to exist of your company.

We are different.
We are not a software company.

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We love makers.

Due to the fact that customers require more and more tailor-made solutions, many manufacturers respond by adding more variability to their product offering. The amount of options required to meet today’s customer needs have become enormously complex.

With this context, we experienced that manufacturing companies needed to reorganize their pre-production processes. Both customers and sellers must be able to configure products easier and faster. The price must be known directly. And it must be possible to put it in production with the touch of a button. Without flaws.

There were existing software suppliers that claim to offer a solution. But they were terribly complicated, inflexible and labor-intensive. And therefore anything but flawless.

Hence we decided to take matters in our own hands to develop a solution. With the smartest folks in the field of AI. And with common sense. Still some kind of manufacturing company. Merely developing software? Not how we see it.

The Elfsquad.

In addition to a hard-working team of developers, AI specialists and support engineers: these Elves are the face of our organization. You will come across them if you let them come in for a demo, for training and / or implementation support and if you have a question for our help desk.

These employees breathe manufacturing industry, talk manufacturing industry and sweat manufacturing industry. We put a lot of energy into the knowledge level of all our employees. So you can not only ask them about our configurator, they also understand what industry 4.0 means for your company.

Software is not where my heart is

Jan Brolsma

I see it as a challenge to make the industry progressive by strengthening the entire backbone of all manufacturing companies.

Wessel de Haan

Commercial director
Manufacturing companies rarely see what is possible with regard to automating the pre-production process.

Eelke Kramer

Project engineer
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Working together on prize-winning software.

We let our innovative power in the manufacturing industry speak and are proud to say that we have received a number of prominent awards with Elfsquad. This motivates us further to fulfill our mission together with our customers: Ensure the manufacturing industry the right to exist.

2019Partner Award 2019 of Ridder Data Software B.V.
2019Nomination Deloitte Rising Star Award – Fast 50
2018Winner Noordelijke Innovatie Award
2018Winner Ondernemersprijs Smallingerland

They already chose Elfsquad.

De complexiteit van onze producten kun je niet meer onderbrengen op papier: Wat je vandaag print is morgen achterhaald. Daarnaast krijg je op papier nooit de kennis aangereikt die nodig is om al onze producten goed te configureren: Foutloos samengesteld en optimaal beantwoordend aan de behoefte van de klant.
Peter Lenferink
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De output is logisch: een order klopt gewoon. Wij hoeven ons tegenwoordig niet meer druk te maken om foutieve samenstellingen van de rolstoelen
Herwin Westra
Design engineer
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Elfsquad bleek de oplossing, omdat er een kennispakket in zit dat een gebruiker als het ware helemaal bij de hand neemt in de vraag wat er nou eigenlijk nodig is om klantwensen in te vullen en daarbij de uitleg van alle verschillende opties in oneindig veel talen
Marco Bouter
Verkoop binnendienst
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Jan Brolsma


“After my studies, MsC in Operations and Supply Chain Management, I started working in the manufacturing industry. After several projects as an external consultant, I saw what companies are confronted with: increasingly complex products, more customization, shorter delivery times and difficult choices with regard to automation. This background led to the vision for Elfsquad.

The strange thing is: Software is not where my heart is. I want to support manufacturing companies in realizing a more efficient process from prospect to production order, which can create enormous value if implemented correctly. And coincidentally, that starts with configuration software ”.

Wessel de Haan

Commercial director

“I see it as a challenge to make the industry progressive by strengthening the entire backbone of all manufacturing companies. Because the world around us is changing, and we want manufacturing companies to take the lead. Connecting the end customer to the production process is essential here.

I have worked as a project manager at various production companies. By critically approaching business processes and focusing on the effectiveness of the supply chain, I have gained broad knowledge about how this can be organized. I see it as my task to deliver this insight to the manufacturing industry. Because it is my belief that automating the pre-production process is of importance for maintaining the right to exist. “

Eelke Kramer

Project engineer

“Manufacturing companies rarely see what is possible with regard to the automation of the pre-production process. When we start an implementation process, customers are enthusiastic about the simplicity of the application. We mold the product structures into easy-to-use software, which gives manufacturing companies the opportunity to eliminate the complexity of their product.

Working with Elfsquad inspires to take next steps. Together we formulate objectives and roll out the project. There is a drive to do better and better, and this is noticeable with customers, but also within our team ”.

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