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Elfsquad CPQ Software and Excel

Excel configurators are a relic of the past. But an integration between Elfsquad Product Configurator and Excel is a must-have.


Elfsquad CPQ & Microsoft Excel

Accelerate processes drastically with our Excel plugin


Manage all of your data, now also through Excel

Through our Excel plugin you can log into Elfsquad via Excel. Within a few clicks you are able to fill an entire sheet with data from the product configurator, relevant to you.

  • Fast bulk updates in Elfsquad.
  • Easily log in via Microsoft Excel.

Complete freedom of choice

(Complicated) data analyses, dealer price uploads, exportation of CAD parameters: everything is possible. Gain direct insight into all of the data found within Elfsquad. Complete Excel sheets from all your dealers’ data? Change all of your products’ characteristics at once? Not a problem.

  • All of the data is easily accessible: Products, prices, quotations, contacts, et cetera.
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Do you have questions? Elfsquad is here to help.

Great software is a just the start: we believe that success is greatly affected by design.

Elfsquad offers 1,001 ways to set up your configurator, and our team helps you choose the best way for your product, your market, your (IT) infrastructure and your people.

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