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CPQ for Salesforce CRM: Elfsquad

This page will tell you all you need to know about the integration between Elfsquad CPQ and Salesforce. Arm your salespeople with a powerful CPQ tool integrated with one of the most used CRM packages: Salesforce. Elfsquad CPQ has a standard integration for Salesforce CRM, which is fully expandable and manageable for and by you.


Elfsquad CPQ is the most compatible CPQ solution on the market. Integrations with your favourite CRM, Salesfore, is no problem with our standard Power Automate integration template. Fully customizable for your situation.

Salesforce and CPQ from Elfsquad


Why a CPQ Salesforce integration?

  • You use the best of both worlds: Salesforce CRM and Elfsquad CPQ.
  • Keep on using software you already use.

Undoubtedly you are familiar with Salesforce CRM. Salesforce is the best of its breed in the world of CRM. That is exactly what you would like for your CPQ solution, right? Elfsquad’s CPQ platform has been built in such a way that we can focus on what we are good at: building the best CPQ solution for sellers of complex products. While you can keep on using business software you already use, such as Salesforce CRM.

Standard integration with limitless possibilities

  • Standard Elfsquad CPQ Salesforce integration through low-code platforms.
  • Flexible template, seamlessly connectable to your specific process.

Elfsquad CPQ offers a standard template for the Salesforce CRM integration. This standard template is directly usable and simple to adopt. But processes differ. Which means that you want to customize your own workflows in the Salesforce integration, so that it perfectly suits your process.


The benefits of Salesforce & Elfsquad’s CPQ integration

  • Automated and flawless quote-to-cash process.
  • Drastically shortened runtimes of quotation- and engineering processes.
  • CRM & CPQ software always up to date with matching information.

In an ideal world, your end customer configures your products on your website, requests their own quotations, and requests can directly go to produciton.
This ideal world is made possible by integrating Elfsquad CPQ with CRM. By using a visual 3D configurator that is connected to your CRM, ERP, and CAD software.

Maintenance and management of the integration

Often, similar integrations are built by third parties, usually inflexible and expensive customization. This is not the case with Elfsquad CPQ. We ensure the management of these integrations, and in turn the management of your process and product, gets into your hands.
With help from our documentation, support, and academy material of course.


Workflow between Salesforce and CPQ software from Elfsquad

An example of a workflow between Salesforce and CPQ is as follows:

  1. In Salesforce CRM a sales opportunity is started.
  2. A quotation is opened in Elfsquad CPQ, with direct synchronization of your CRM data.
  3. The salesperson, dealer, or end customer configures the product in Elfsquad.
  4. A convincing quotation document is generated in your customer’s language.
  5. The quotation document is synchronized to Salesforce along with the sales status. And always using the correct prices.
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