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DynaMaker & Elfsquad

DynaMaker develops software that makes online product customization possible in a fast and user-friendly manner. Precise designs with precise sizing, available online and controlled from Elfsquad CPQ. Providing your dealer or end customer with parametric customization. This drastically reduces engineering runtime. That is the power of the integration between DynaMaker and Elfsquad CPQ.


Elfsquad CPQ & DynaMaker

The best of both worlds


Easy integration with Elfsquad CPQ

Seamlessly integrate DynaMaker with Elfsquad CPQ. In your own showroom, you can choose DynaMaker’s display. This allows you to display everything parametrically. When you change the width, the display will directly change along with it.

  • Easy to integrate
  • Score more orders through convincing visualizations
  • The CPQ generates personalized brochures

Direct visualization of parametric geometry

Directly generate an endless number of geometries in 2D and 3D, fully online. Whether the product has static 3D-files or parametrically generated geometry, it can be visualized directly online in CAD-style or with a realistic rendering. 

  • Visualize endless product variants
  • Combine static CAD-assets with parametric CAD-models
  • Modify style, color, textures, shadows & lighting

CAD files for sales and production

After you have entered all data into the configurator, it is possible to auto generate CAD files in the visual display (the showroom): Like 2D quotation drawings, 3D BIM/STP files and even CAD geometry which production can use to directly get to work. So you no longer need a CAD program for ETO: DynaMaker will do all of this for you.

  • Automatically generate sales CAD files
  • Drastic reduction of engineering runtime
  • The output of Sales is the input for engineering
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No more pre-production nightmares

Elfsquad removes all worries from your pre-production process. With Elfsquad as backbone, we realize the digital factory that smart industries have been trying to find for so long. We do this through a product configurator, with integrated solutions for marketing, sales, and operations.

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