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CPQ Software for Exact Globe

We would like every manufacturing business working with Exact Globe to be able to get to work with the configurator as easily as possible. Which is why Elfsquad supplies a smooth implementation between Exact Globe and CPQ Software.


Elfsquad CPQ & Exact Globe

Standard connection with possibility to customize


Quotation & order synchronization

Accepted quotations are converted to a sales order in Exact Globe. In the sales order a bill of materials can be found, along with the configured components. Prices and discounts too, can be found in Exact Globe. By linking the product configurator with Globe you make a leap in efficiency both in the sales- and production process. And on top of that your customers is optimally served with errorless quotations and orders.

  • Your configurations are synchronized to Exact Globe in the form of a bill of materials.
  • Configure with your customer or allow them to do it themselves.

Product Synchronization

You likely already manage your products in Exact Globe. No problem. Every product including sales prices and characteristics can be synchronized live with Elfsquad Product Configurator.

  • Live synchronization of products
  • Product management stays in Exact Globe
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Variable design with a standard link

Exact Globe is, of course, a local application and Elfsquad is cloud-based software. How exactly will this work? Simple. Globe is installed on your server. The standard API link ‘talks’ to Globe’s SDK. The API sends all necessary data to the cloud, and vice versa. The standard link contains out of the box basic functionalities that are required to link Elfsquad with Globe. In addition, we offer all Exact Globe SDK possibilities to further optimize the link.

  • Groundbreaking basic functionalities and all Exact Globe SDK possibilities for further optimization.
  • Design unique to every organization.
  • Automatic and manual synchronization.
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Do you have questions? Elfsquad is here to help.

Great software is a just the start: we believe that success is greatly affected by design.

Elfsquad offers 1,001 ways to set up your configurator, and our team helps you choose the best way for your product, your market, your (IT) infrastructure and your people.

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