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Power Automate and CPQ Software from Elfsquad

Microsoft Power Automate is a low-code platform to easily connect all of your existing business applications to each other. This enables a simple, flexible, and self-managed automation of workflows between Elfsquad CPQ software and all applications available on this platform.


Elfsquad CPQ Configurator & Power Automate

Realize integrations without writing a single line of code


CPQ Software and Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)

Elfsquad Product Configurator is the only solution of its kind that can be found on the Microsoft Power Automate platform. Within the ‘Elfsquad Connector’ almost 70 actions are available already, all of them aimed at further integration, digitalization, and optimization of your business processes.

  • Choose from 70 actions within the Elfsquad connector.
  • Integrate without writing even a single line of code.

Planned flows

Send your team a summary of all that happened in the week before. Or plan backups from simple (or advanced!) schedules.

  • Carry out periodic reports.
  • Periodic data backups.
  • On-demand execution of flows is also possible.

Manual & automatic flows

With MS Power Automate it is possible to carry out your created flows manually. For other users, as well, through a ‘run only’ functionality. Or start a flow during an event or trigger.

  • Manual or automatic flows.
  • User management on all of your flows.
  • Trigger flows after events.

Create your own business workflows

You have all the freedom you need in finding a workflow that works best for you. In a visual way, create steps within Power Automate. These steps are gone over one by one, with adequate branching logic.

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No more pre-production nightmares

Elfsquad removes all worries from your pre-production process. With Elfsquad as backbone, we realize the digital factory that smart industries have been trying to find for so long. We do this through a product configurator, with integrated solutions for marketing, sales, and operations.

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