Elfsquad CPQ Software for DynaMaker

DynaMaker specializes in developing software that enables quick and user-friendly online product customization. Precise designs with precise sizing are available online and controlled from Elfsquad CPQ.

This provides your sales teams, dealers or end customers with parametric customization. 

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Easy Integration with Elfsquad CPQ

Seamlessly integrate DynaMaker with Elfsquad CPQ. Within your own showroom, you can choose DynaMaker’s viewer. This allows you to display everything parametrically. When you choose to change the width, the display will directly change along with it.

  • Integrate seamlessly with Elfsquad
  • Enhance product engagement through convincing visualizations
  • Elfsquad generates personalized brochures


If your product is not 100% configure-to-order

Sometimes your product consists of 80% standardized modules, but the remaining 20% always requires customer-specific engineering. This is when it’s useful to have Elfsquad CPQ.  The configurator sets up an Inventor assembly for the modular part in the project folder. As part of the engineering workflow, a task is created to complete the assembly, accompanied by any necessary instructions.

  • The configured part is set up in the server
  • The engineer adjusts the configured order afterwards

Direct visualization of parametric geometry

Directly generate a limitless number of geometries in 2D and 3D, fully in the browser. Whether the product has static 3D-files or parametrically generated geometry, it can be visualized directly online in CAD-style or with a realistic rendering. 

  • Visualize endless product variants
  • Combine static CAD-assets with parametric CAD-models
  • Modify style, color, textures, shadows & lighting


CAD files for sales and production

After entering all data into the configurator, it’s possible to auto-generate CAD files in the visual display (showroom). For example, 2D quotation drawings, 3D BIM/STP files, or even CAD geometry, which production can then use to get straight to work. So you no longer need a CAD program for ETO; DynaMaker will do all of this for you.

  • Automatically generate sales CAD files
    Drastically reduce engineering runtime
  • The output of Sales is the input for engineering

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