Elfsquad CPQ Software for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manually entering article and pricing information between ERP and CPQ systems is a daily struggle. Inconsistent data means risking misalignment between sales and production. Business Central integrates smoothly with Elfsquad CPQ.Align the entire sales process, and generate personalized quotes and Bills of Materials with ease. 

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Elfsquad & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

No More Costly Sales and Production Mistakes

Benefits of Business Central & Elfsquad CPQ Integration

By configuring products for specific customers and easily creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) sent to Business Central, you bridge the gap between sales and production—an undeniable benefit of Business Central and Elfsquad CPQ integrations.

  • Personalize quotes by configuring products to meet specific customer needs
  • Reduce time for generating customer-specific BOMs through Elfsquad
  • Generate BOMs in the ERP system once a quote is accepted
  • Directly connect sales or customers with the production process
  • Always updated and synchronized article and pricing information between ERP and CPQ systems

Connect Sales with Production for Increased Efficiency

Elfsquad CPQ offers a standard integration with Business Central ERP, with the added flexibility of fully customizable workflows tailored to meet your unique business needs.

  • Deliberate on your preferred workflow integration between the systems
  • Establish the integration between Elfsquad and Business Central
  • Import or synchronize your ERP master data with Elfsquad
  • Start building your configuration models

You Decide the Ideal Workflow

Imagine a scenario where a sales representative configures a complex product in Elfsquad during a customer  meeting.

The representative tailors the product to the specific needs of the customer, incorporating intricate details into the quote. Once the client accepts the quote, Elfsquad automatically generates a Bill of Materials behind the scenes, complete with pricing details, and automatically sends it to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This swift integration ensures a smooth transition from sales configuration to production, optimizing the entire workflow.


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Elfsquad is based on the API-first principle. Which means you have endless integration possibilities. 

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