Elfsquad CPQ Software for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manual data entry between ERP and CPQ systems risks sales-production misalignment. Therefore, seamless integration is essential. Thanks to open architectures, Business Central and Elfsquad guarantee an easy setup and consistent synchronized sales data. Elfsquad's output instantly generates bills of materials. This saves you time while quote and document creation is easier than ever.

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Standard Integration

Download the extension from within your Business Central environment. Then, effortlessly set up the integration by filling out your API details. Elfsquad provides both a standard integration and customizable workflows tailored to your business requirements. Our straightforward setup eliminates the need for third-party involvement and ensures seamless compatibility between systems.


BOM Generation

By configuring products for specific customers and easily creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) sent to Business Central, you bridge the gap between sales and production—an undeniable benefit of Business Central and Elfsquad CPQ integrations.

  • Reduce time for generating customer-specific BOMs through Elfsquad
  • Generate BOMs in the ERP system once a quote is accepted
  • Directly connect sales or customers with the production process

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Data Synchronization

The integration of Elfsquad with Business Central guarantees accurate and efficient data synchronization. This means faster service, up-to-the-minute information, better collaboration, and an improved experience for customers.

  • Automate the synchronization of product configurations and customer data
  • Maintain real-time updates on pricing, inventory, and order status
  • Enhance data integrity and minimize errors

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By building a system configurator with Elfsquad CPQ the Excel Sheets have been put away and WSP Systems has reduced price calculation time by 75%.



Explore More Possibilities

As a proud partner of Microsoft, we offer several other integration possibilities with their various products, as well as most other business applications.


Power BI

Integrating Elfsquad with Microsoft Power BI provides insightful data visualization for better decision-making.

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Power Automate_Elfsquad

Power Automate

Integrating Elfsquad with Microsoft Power Automate streamlines the quoting and order processing workflows.

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Dynamics 365 Sales

Integrating Elfsquad with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales simplifies quoting and customer relationship management.

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Elfsquad is based on the API-first principle. Which means you have
limitless integration possibilities. 

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