Elfsquad CPQ Software for Monitor ERP

Integrating Monitor and Elfsquad helps manufacturing businesses become more efficient and competitive. It makes operations run smoother and connects sales with production seamlessly. This means companies can sustain growth and adapt better in today's fast-paced market.

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How you Benefit From the Monitor and Elfsquad CPQ Integration

  • Streamlined Operations: Connect manufacturing processes with sales, improving workflow efficiency
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Ensure precise product configurations, pricing, and order fulfillment, enhancing customer trust
  • Accelerated Sales Cycles: Speed up quoting and proposal generation for prompt customer responses
  • Data-driven Insights: Use analytics to optimize pricing strategies and make informed decisions

Empower Your Manufacturing Business with Integrated Solutions

Implement your perfect business management tools with the Elfsquad integration for Monitor thanks to our API-first approach and mutual open sourcing. We’ll connect you with one of our third-party partners to assist you with the entire process, free from stress.

  • Deliberate on your preferred workflow integration between the systems
  • Establish the integration between Elfsquad and Monitor
  • Import or synchronize your master data with Elfsquad
  • Start building your configuration models
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Transform Your Operations From End to End

With Monitor ERP as your operational backbone, effortlessly managing inventory, production planning, procurement, and quality control, you'll experience a new level of efficiency.

Now, picture Elfsquad CPQ empowering your sales team with intuitive tools for product configuration, accurate pricing, and rapid quote generation. Together, these systems synchronize your back-end processes with front-end sales activities, ensuring every customer inquiry seamlessly translates into precise order fulfillment.

This integration streamlines your workflow, boosts customer satisfaction, and propels your business towards sustained growth and success.


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Elfsquad is based on the API-first principle. Which means you have endless integration possibilities. 

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