Elfsquad CPQ Software for Zapier

Elfsquad is the world’s first CPQ solution on low-code platform Zapier. This allows you to design workflows between Elfsquad and 5.000+ other business applications at an unmatched speed, ranging from CRM integrations to simple follow-up emails.

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Flexible Workflow Management

By managing the automatic workflows yourself, you become extremely flexible, without the need for an army of consultants. Making integrations is accessible, and you are not required to write a single line of code. You simply expand existing Elfsquad CPQ functionality by connecting to the systems that your business is already using.

  • Connect with more than 5.000 business applications
  • Automate processes without writing code

Saving time like never before

The fact that you can connect all of your tools and systems means that you can save hours, or even days, every workweek. This creates more time for more important business tasks. Ask yourself: do you want to continue to manually send  follow-up emails? Or would you rather use that time to sell your products?

One of the many ways in which current Elfsquad customers use Zapier is to optimize their sales flow. For example, you can set up a notification system to alert the manager whenever a quotation exceeds 100,000.

  • Massive amounts of time saved
  • Design your own workflows to suit your business needs
  • Free up time for more important business tasks

One complete overview

Why spend thousands of euros on custom connections or endless hours of consultancy? In a continuously transforming IT landscape, you have to be flexible. Along with reducing unnecessary manual actions, you should also have the ability to create your own complete integrations. These are the same expectations as your future (technical) personnel.

  • Cut out high custom integration costs
  • Maintain a complete overview

Discover Our Integrations

Elfsquad is based on the API-first principle. Which means you have endless integration possibilities. 

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