Elfsquad CPQ Software for PTC Windchill PLM

Managing sales and engineering data on separate platforms can be chaotic, so you need both PLM and CPQ to be flawlessly integrated. As a result, there are no more errors or delays. Make data synchronization one less thing to worry about with our unique integration built specifically for Windchill and Elfsquad.

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Why Can't Windchill Handle All of My Business?

If you only use a PLM system without CPQ, you'll run into a critical flaw in your pre-production process: when sales promises a product to a customer, only to discover the design isn't possible.

Windchill is great for managing engineering data, like drawings and specifications. However, it doesn't handle sales data for product configurations or customer-specific orders. That's where you need Elfsquad.

When Windchill and Elfsquad work together, any design changes in Windchill automatically update in Elfsquad. This keeps sales informed and reduces mistakes, so there’s no more production misalignment and no more broken promises to your customers.


Guided Selling Built on Top of Engineering Logic

The guided selling feature in CPQ acts like a helpful guide. Asking questions and offering suggestions based on the customer's needs simplifies the sales process.

Elfsquad asks smart questions about what the customer is looking for. Based on their answers, Elfsquad consults the product information in Windchill and suggests the best options that match the customer's requirements. It then calculates the price and generates a quote quickly.

This integration helps select the right products and provide precise prices, resulting in a smooth and straightforward process for both sales and the end customer.

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How Does Data Transfer from CPQ to PLM?

Once the product configuration is finalized in Elfsquad, all details, including customer specifications, are ready to be exported. This data shows how the product should be designed and built.

The configured data is then sent from Elfsquad to Windchill. This transfer is managed by a custom integration platform that ensures the data is accurate and correctly formatted. This platform, designed by Elfsquad exclusively for Windchill, also handles any necessary changes to make sure the CPQ data is always compatible with the PLM system.

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By building a system configurator with Elfsquad CPQ the Excel Sheets have been put away and WSP Systems has reduced price calculation time by 75%.



The Golden Triangle:
3 Systems for Manufacturing Frontrunners

Here’s Why ERP is Crucial for Integrating CPQ and PLM

Sales start by configuring the product in Elfsquad. This data is then sent to Windchill, where it's used to create detailed plans for production. So, while CPQ and PLM handle the what and the how, ERP makes sure it all gets done properly, turning plans into reality.

Elfsquad CPQ

Configures products to match customer needs quickly and accurately for sales quotations.

Windchill PLM

Manages product lifecycle data for alignment and accurate documentation.

ERP System

Coordinates production operations, materials, schedules, and finances

Golden Triangle Benefits

  • Data Flow: Begins in Elfsquad, where configurations are made, then sent to Windchill for updating designs. PLM data is then forwarded to ERP for production updates.

  • Synchronization: System updates are event-driven for immediate reflection of changes everywhere, preventing errors, reducing costs, & accelerating time to market.

  • Analytics: Manufacturing process & post-sales feedback in ERP loops back to Elfsquad & Windchill for coninuous product improvements &  happier customers.


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Elfsquad is based on the API-first principle. Which means you have
limitless integration possibilities. 

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