Elfsquad CPQ Software for PTC Windchill PLM

Struggling to keep your product data organized? Without integration, managing sales and engineering data separately can be chaotic. But with Elfsquad CPQ and Windchill PLM there are no more manual errors or delays. Simplify your operations and stay ahead with seamless integration.

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How you benefit from PTC Windchill PLM and Elfsquad CPQ integration?

Clean Data: Keep your PLM system organized by offloading sales information to Elfsquad CPQ, ensuring your engineering data stays focused

Increased Efficiency: Streamline product configuration, pricing, and quoting processes, reducing manual work and errors, and speeding up the sales cycle

Improved Collaboration: Teams across departments can work better together with easy access to accurate product data, leading to better decisions and faster outcomes


Scale Up with Spotless Data

Total Accuracy: Automation reduces errors, ensuring that data remains consistent and reliable throughout the product lifecycle

Faster Time-to-Market: By accelerating processes and improving data accuracy, businesses can bring products to market more quickly, staying ahead of the competition

Scalability and Flexibility: The integrated solution can adjust as you expand, welcoming new products, markets, and processes. Your technology stays adaptable and responsive to change

Experience the Power of Integration

Implement your perfect business management tools with the Elfsquad CPQ integration for PTC Winchill PLM thanks to our API-first approach and mutual open sourcing. We’ll connect you with one of our third-party partners to assist you with the entire process, free from stress.

  • Identify your need for integrating the systems
  • Choose a method or tool for integration
  • Connect Elfsquad CPQ and Windchill PLM systems
  • Define settings and mappings for data exchange
  • Start building your configuration models

Enhanced Product Lifecycle Management

After configuring product options in Elfsquad CPQ, the data transfers to Windchill PLM for further processing. This involves creating detailed engineering plans, generating bills of materials (BOMs), and initiating manufacturing processes. This integration ensures data accuracy and consistency as it moves from sales to engineering stages.

Windchill PLM also organizes and structures the data, facilitating efficient product development and production, ensuring that all stakeholders work with the latest information throughout the product lifecycle.


Discover Our Integrations

Elfsquad is based on the API-first principle. Which means you have endless integration possibilities. 

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