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Elfsquad Partners

Our software is at its best when it has good company. But realizing so many integrations is not enough for us. Together with our partners and resellers, we are creating a network to assist the entire manufacturing industry, as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Which is why we are always on the lookout for new partners and resellers.


Elfsquad’s official partners

Exact offers an integrated ERP solution for manufacturing businesses, from financial administration to sales processes. Along with Elfsquad, steps are taken towards an automated pre-production process for production industries that mean to take the shift towards the digital factory.

ECI develops and supplies ERP-software for the customer order-driven production industry. Because the ERP-software is developed from and built for practise, and not theory, it seamlessly connects to your business processes. In combination with Elfsquad, ECI makes sure manufacturing businesses are prepared for every upcoming development in the market.

Elfsquad is a Microsoft Partner. Next to the Microsoft Startup Program, which allows Elfsquad to use dedicated go-to-market resources, Elfsquad also participates in the Partner program. This means Microsoft also supports Elfsquad in the commercial field towards scaling the software internationally.

ESC is a seasoned partner of Exact and Microsoft Dynamics, among others. And from this position they offer broad ERP solutions for +- 1000 customers. The cooperation with Elfsquad is focused on offering Elfsquad Product Configurator to customers and prospects. To react to the growing demand from Belgium for a Configure-to-order solution.

AB is the Exact specialist for production companies. AB’s strength lies in its clear focus on industry. That is where the knowledge, experience and expertise lie. AB helps their relationships with smart automation. And makes even better steps by optimizing business processes through Lean Manufacturing.


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Advisie is Elfsquad’s partner in the field of Exact Globe ERP. With specific knowledge of the industry, Advisie digitizes and streamlines internal processes. Together we make production processes and more productive. By seamlessly connecting Elfquad Product Configurator to Exact Globe’s production environment.

Arkance Systems is a specialist in Design (CAD), Management (PDM & PLM) and Production (CAM) solutions for the manufacturing industry. A SMART 3D model of the end product forms the basis for optimal use of digital information in the entire primary process. One time entry means faster error-free production and delivery. Arkance Systems provides the intelligent link between the 3D-CAD model and the Elfsquad Configurator.

Since its foundation in 1977, ISD Group has developed into a safe and reliable partner in the field of process optimization. ISD Group does this by providing industry-specific knowledge, training and software. And thus add value to companies to develop, produce, install and maintain projects faster and easier.

Leapforce helps businesses grow. Through digital transformation and growth hacking techniques, Leapforce ensures that a company’s digital sales and marketing is optimally designed. Leapforce supports implementation, commercial use, and helps manufacturing businesses really grow with Elfsquad.

Avit Group is the quality network integrator and managed service provider that brings networks to optimal performance. The combination of in-depth knowledge and vision ensures that Avit organizes the network in such a way that all components and applications work together smoothly and sustainably. Avit has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over 25 years and Azure has no secrets for us. The added value with Elfsquad is a seamless integration into the IT environment (ERP) of the customer.

CADblanche automates engineering for up and coming manufacturing companies, and takes this towards an unambiguous and well-structured BIM for Production (BIMfP). By utilizing the CADblanche framework, of which Elfsquad hosts the online configurator, unique high-quality designs are generated. Efficient and errorless time and time again, made ready for industrie 4.0 applications.

DynaMaker makes product configuration visual and easy to understand. The cloud service empowers the user and offers instant visual feedback for a product in 2D / 3D during the configuration process. DynaMaker integrates seamlessly with Elfsquad, both in showroom and internal quoting, and enables automatic CAD exports that frees up time for sales for each configuration/quotation. DynaMaker is developed by Swedish engineering company SkyMaker AB.

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Over the past 25 years, TFH has built up extensive expertise in the fields of Research and Development, Standardization, Configuration, Model Based Definition and Model Based Enterprise. They work in engineering, precision mechanics, construction equipment and the automation industry. TFH primarily focuses on innovation as well as product and process improvement.

Feka helps companies with high-quality and secure ICT services for companies within the SME. As an Elfsquad partner, Feka supports customers with setting up a configurator in a custom interface completely according to the customer’s wishes.

Walpole Partnership specializes in implementing and improving CPQ systems, and their consultants have delivered some of the world’s largest and most successful CPQ systems. To get the very best from your CPQ implementation, you may need expert help. Walpole Partnership recognizes many of the challenges you will face and can guide you through the process using their unrivaled CPQ knowledge and skills.

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Proqon is a team of consultants with years of experience and a practical approach. We guide companies in the manufacturing industry during the implementation and optimization of Elfsquad and ERP. We specialize in Ridder iQ for which we have developed a standard integration and provide other solutions.

1-bedrijf.nl is a company with years of experience in international sales, purchasing, and ERP system implementations for manufacturing companies. Based on their experience, they can help you quickly implement Elfsquad’s product configurator (CPQ software). Our primary goal is to create a logic scheme based on your internal commercial and technical decisions.

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Making good software is one thing, but a long-term collaboration has to be mutual. Below, a few of our fantastic partnerships.

Partnership with Elfsquad

Does Elfsquad’s vision align with your own? And is the partiality towards the production industry present in your organization? Then we are always willing to put heads together with you. From implementations to partners on the strategic level. Feel free to reach out.

Become a dealer?

To optimize the primary process of every manufacturing company as fast as possible, we are looking for suitable resellers with substantive knowledge about the production industry. Contact us to hear more about all the possibilities for resellers.

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