Transform Manufacturing Complexities into Scalable Growth

Control ever-evolving product and process complexities to exceed customers' demands and scale profitably with business-led Configure Price Quote software.

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Transform Manufacturing Complexities into Scalable Growth

Control ever-evolving product and process complexities to exceed customers' demands and scale profitably with business-led Configure Price Quote software.

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Elfsquad CPQ for
Manufacturing Frontrunners

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is not just for improving sales cycles and generating price quotations. It streamlines your entire end-to-end process.

Stop wasting time; handle customer requests from initial inquiry to final product delivery in a simplified, modern way. Elfsquad CPQ allows manufacturing businesses to boost overall efficiency, guarantee accuracy, and meet customer demands while driving sales growth.

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Best-of-Breed CPQ Software

The Elfsquad Effect

As proud pioneers of tech in manufacturing, we’re changing how the world configures complex products.

While other software companies didn’t dare to be bold in the face of modern challenges, Elfsquad led the pack from the back and quickly surpassed even our own expectations. We create the most dynamic CPQ solution on the market, and the proof is in the scalability of our customer’s businesses.


Businesses Trust Elfsquad

We continue to serve a growing number of unique manufacturers from various sectors


Users Save Time & Money

Sales teams, dealers, marketers, engineers, IT, and end customers are all using Elfsquad


Countries Covered Already

We continue to serve a growing international customer base and community

Rethinking CPQ for Scalable Growth

We believe that any member of your manufacturing business should be able to implement, integrate, and scale our Business-Led CPQ software.

Business-Led CPQ


Implement CPQ
Implementation by you, not by external consultants or in-house IT development. Put your business back in charge from end to end.

Integrate CPQ
Automate mundane tasks by utilizing low-code platforms. Create your perfect personalized workflow, customize your CPQ front-end, and much more.

Scale CPQ
Join the Elfsquad community of experts and benefit from continuous product development in order to increase scalability with cloud-based, self-service software.

Achieve More Than Just Error-Free Quotes

Product Configuration

Simplify complex product customization and boost sales & engineering efficiency while seamlessly integrating with existing systems. Cater to every customer's unique needs through various sales channels managed from a single source. Choose business-led software that aligns with your needs in order to avoid outdated and inefficient solutions.


Discover Product Configuration
Channel Management

Handle multi-channel sales management. Centralize data to ensure consistency in product information and pricing across internal teams, dealers, resellers, and e-commerce platforms for a better customer experience. Optimize your omnichannel communication in order to scale profitability.

Discover Channel Management
Visual Configuration

Streamline the process for both buyers and sellers. Eliminate errors, enhance your user experience, and increase efficiency. With options like 2D and 3D visualization, integrated CAD support, and personalized showroom interfaces, you can engage customers to help them make informed decisions.

Discover Visual Configuration
Project Configuration

Enable centralized management of unique project requirements. Reduce errors, increase efficiency, and streamline processes for improved project management. Ensure up-to-date information and allow greater flexibility in product development.

Discover Project Configuration

Guided Selling

Boost win rates by allowing sales teams to ask targeted questions and provide real-time guidance to simplify product configuration. Ensure accurate pricing and enhance the buying experience. Streamline your sales process and increase customer satisfaction.

Discover Guided Selling

Our Customers Are Scaling Up

Together, we’re reshaping the manufacturing landscape.

"Flexibility is our competitive advantage. We can go the extra mile, where our competitors say 'stop, no further'. Elfsquad matches that expectation."
Robert den Besten
“Before Elfsquad we felt we were held back, ...powerless. We were growing 15% per year, doubling every 5 years. It felt stressful. We simply couldn't live up to that anymore.”
Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 09.47.41
Dieke Ploeg
WSP Systems
"We've cut our quotation time in half and doubled our handling capacity, leading to a 20% increase in revenue. Elfsquad has not only streamlined our operations but also empowered our sales team to focus more on customer engagement."
Niels Beers
"A big challenge we would have without a configurator is always needing an engineer to help with quotes. Elfsquad enabled us to streamline the quote-to-cash process. The 30-day trial really helped us to get to know the software."
Sara Downes
"A custom-build configurator is obsolete the day you have it. With Elfsquad CPQ we always use the latest software, so we are more future-proof with a CPQ SaaS solution."
Hendrik Decramer
"Of course, solid software is the basis, but adding a personal touch is also valuable. After discussing integrations, we were impressed with the limitless possibilities with Elfsquad."
Bart Kroese
"Our quotation lead time has already been reduced by 50%. With these final steps, we have digitalized the entire pre-production process, with very positive consequences for our competitive position"
Davey Giesen
Giesen Coffee Roasters
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Integrate Seamlessly with Other Applications

Our API-first, open architecture, and cloud-based software was designed to allow limitless connections with any other business software you're already using. 
Automate processes and daily tasks that are prone to mistakes, improve the data flow between your business applications, and ensure your IT infrastructure is set up for scalability.
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Learn from experts in both manufacturing and technology.


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