CPQ Implementation: How to Stay Ahead of Potential Risks

Recently, we recorded a webinar with Walpole Partnership; this company provides unparalleled expertise in the fields of CPQ. This webinar is all about the importance of de-risking the implementation process of CPQ software. We show how important it is to have autonomy over the software you have in use. Both Andy Pieroux (Walpole) and Ingmar Hermans (Walpole) have decades of experience regarding CPQ, so you can expect a structured and proven approach.

What is CPQ Implementation?

Congratulations! You have determined that it's the right time to implement CPQ software to help you simplify your processes. Before we look into the common challenges while implementing CPQ software, first we'll talk about what CPQ implementation looks like. CPQ implementation refers to the setup and configuration of CPQ software. During this time, you and your team will implement your product structures, pricing, and quoting processes into the CPQ software.

Implementing CPQ software will help your organization with the managing and streamlining of your pricing and quoting processes. A CPQ implementation can be done by anyone who has a decent understanding of the product structure. It’s not only your IT team but also the engineers that can implement CPQ software. CPQ vendors or a consultancy agency can also help you with the CPQ implementation.

At Elfsquad, we believe that you should have full control of your CPQ software. Therefore, we have developed an easy-to-use software supported by the Elfsquad Academy and in-depth documentation. That gives you everything you need to implement Elfsquad by yourself if you prefer.

3 Challenges to Avoid When Implementing CPQ Software

Adding CPQ software to your processes is an exciting time. You will experience quite some benefits when implementing CPQ software. CPQ software will help shorten your sales cycle and make sure the company data is always up to date. But before you can experience these benefits you first have to start the implementation process. When adding CPQ software to your company, try to avoid these common pitfalls that could endanger a successful implementation.


1. Scoping to Determine the First Step

The first thing that helps to de-risk the implementation of CPQ software is scoping. Scoping is about making a plan and setting borders for the usage of the CPQ software. Sit down with your team on an ongoing basis and discuss what it is that you're trying to achieve by implementing CPQ software. CPQ is a powerful system, when thinking about CPQ software a lot of people want to put their whole business in it. It should be done step by step. Plan the implementation and set achievable goals. A very big part of de-risking the CPQ implementation is controlling that scope.

2. Integrations for Data Sharing

The second part is about the integrations you want to make with CPQ. Before starting to implement CPQ software it's critical to understand the data model of your company. Start to visualise where the different data streams are in your business. With Elfsquad's easy-to-use software, your workforce can easily get the data streams from your company in the software. With CPQ software you always get the right data to the right person at the right time. The implementation of CPQ software is a process and not a project. It's hard to do it all at once because your business and market constantly change. So be flexible, and take your time.

3. Project Governance

You need governance for your implementation process. Make a CPQ implementation guide for your company. When you convince your team that CPQ will help your company to optimize its processes, then everyone will see the benefits of the software. At the start of the implementation process, everyone will be enthusiastic about CPQ. Good governance will protect your team when different daily business pressures come in. Make an implementation guide, that is what keeps you on track and protects you from all the implementation pitfalls down the line. Governance ties the whole implementation process together and gets you ready for future phases when implementing CPQ software.

Curious about what your CPQ implementation process could look like?

Check out our webinar with Walpole. During this conversation, Eelke Kramer (Elfsquad), Andy Pieroux (Walpole), and Ingmar Hermans (Walpole Partnerships) discuss important pitfalls when implementing CPQ software.

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