CPQ and guided selling: a match made in heaven!

When you dive into the world of CPQ software, then you’re almost guaranteed to also enter the world of guided selling. These two things have a lot to do with each other, and when handled correctly they also enhance one another. In this item you will read all about the dream marriage between CPQ software and guided selling.

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The interaction between CPQ and guided selling

First things first: let us take a look at how guided selling is able to support your CPQ software. When selling complex products a good product configurator on its own might not be enough.

By using guided selling, you guide your CPQ-software user to the desired end product. You do not ask in-depth technical questions that your user will not be able to answer, but simple questions about the eventual use of your product. As such, you assist users of your configurator with selecting options and making choices.

Ensure clarity and certainty

With the assistance of guided selling your configurator becomes much more simple to use. When your customer answers one of your questions, making a number of options later on in the process irrelevant, these options will not be asked as questions. At the same time you get a notification with conflicting choices, and an alternative is offered. Whoever might be using your configurator will be assisted as if someone is sitting next to them, someone with all relevant and available knowledge. The optimal support for the sales pitch!

Focus on customers needs

Imagine you are selling a technically complex product. CPQ software becomes almost unavoidable. You then get the choice of not only technically designing it well, but also to add a layer of guided selling. Suddenly making a technical and complex product very accessible to end users. For instance, you do not ask whether they want stainless steel or regular steel, but whether they will use the product in a dry or damp environment. With the latter, the choice will obviously become stainless steel. 

Long story short: ask your user functional questions, and let the software determine the technical implications. This brings many advantages, as can be read in the example below!

CPQ + guided selling in practise

How the interaction between CPQ and guided selling can work in practise, is very visible at WSP. They use it as a solution to quickly and easily compose budget quotations. This works as follows: a project at WSP can easily consist of 30 or more machines. To calculate these kinds of projects can easily take 3 to 4 days. Should you then end up with a quotation and budget estimate that is far above the customer’s expectation, then all your time spent calculating will have been for naught. 

Now they use guided selling in their CPQ-software to come to a target price much faster. On the basis of a few questions, for instance about capacity and usage of the machines, a target price will be determined within 15 minutes. On the basis of said budget quotation, you will directly be able to visit your customers with an offer, much faster than your competitors. At WSP we notice that conversions on quotations have risen massively, and that they have reduced price calculation time by 75%.

Curious about how all this could work for you?

Are you curious about how guided selling and CPQ-software could support your business processes? Request an Elfsquad demo, we would gladly demonstrate this to you!


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