Elfsquad CPQ:
Configure, Price, Quote Platform Controlled by Your Business

Elfsquad was designed to be managed by the people at your manufacturing business who actually understand your product and pricing logic.
Not third-party consultants or developers.

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Guide your salespeople and customers to configure personalized products or projects according to their preferences. Provide tailor-made choices and a seamless customization experience.


Every part, option, and sub-assembly of your product has a set price. With accurate configurations and synchronized data, the prices are always right.


Your products are unique and so is your business process. Customize your quotation process with flexible, integrative CPQ software that allows you to generate dynamic, professional documents with ease. 

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Elfsquad is for Frontrunners in Manufacturing

"We've cut our quotation time in half and doubled our handling capacity, leading to a 20% increase in revenue."


Niels Beers

CEO at Demaco

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Don't stop manufacturing what makes your business unique.
Take control of the scalability of your future.

Designed for Omnichannel

Control all sales channels by managing dealers, resellers, and distributors all in one centralized platform. 

Allow every organization that sells your products to configure, price and quote in their environment, complete with their configuration models, pricing structures, and branded quotation documents, all managed by your organization.

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Designed for Lead Generation and B2B

Easily adapt to your customers' online preferences.

With a single click, publish your configurator to your website and start generating leads instantly with Elfsquad’s online showroom. Design your own custom interface or integrate Elfsquad into your e-commerce environment for an all-around better customer experience.

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Designed to Be Extensible

Tailor CPQ to your exact needs by adding UI components, and designing custom workflows for streamlined processes and increased efficiency.

You can also easily connect with third-party apps while configuring to check stock levels or perform complicated black-box calculations.

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Learn how to outsmart infinite complexities for profitable growth.

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