Implement Elfsquad CPQ with Our Proven Process

CPQ implementation is challenging and we understand that. That’s why we developed the Elfsquad Proven Process. It’s based on our extensive experience of more than 150 implementations. With our skilled team and this established approach, we guarantee a seamless and successful implementation of Elfsquad.



It all begins with the introduction. You can start your Elfsquad journey in multiple ways: try it yourself with our trial or book a personalized demo. During our initial meeting, we aim to get to know you better, understand your challenges, and showcase the power of our application.


Proof of Value

The next phase is the Proof of Value, a hands-on experience with full access to our application. During the Proof of Value, we delve deeper into your challenges and the scope of the project, forming the foundation for your implementation. The Proof of Value typically spans a minimum of 2 days. We provide the option of conducting these sessions either at your office or at our office depending on your preference. This allows us to truly get to know each other. In fact, we even offer a guarantee. At the end of day one, we conduct a brief review, and if either party feels we’re not the right fit, we stop there, and there’s no invoice sent.

Phase 1

Phase 1 marks the initial stage of implementation. You may have encountered or heard about failed software implementations, often due to overreaching scopes or scope creep. Our recommendation is to start small but with the most complex product or process. This approach allows for better management and faster deployment, ultimately providing value to your business. Defining your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is crucial. However, starting with the challenging aspects allows us to demonstrate our ability to consistently deliver successful implementations.

Let’s Grow Together

After going live, we enter the phase of growing together. You will meet our customer success team, who will support your continued growth. Monthly check-ins will enable us to identify areas where we can assist you and keep you updated on the latest developments. This enables you to further implement and integrate Elfsquad to foster growth.

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