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Our CPQ software gives you a good night’s sleep

Elfsquad CPQ software eliminates all problems from your pre-production process. Configure complex products and their complex product structures in a few clicks. Never again quote faulty prices and directly convince the customer about your offer. All with one software package: Elfsquad CPQ.

Our CPQ software is a complete solution for the entire organization:
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Elfsquad CPQ & Sales

Optimal sales with CPQ software


Make salespeople substantially more effective

Your business does not sell a simple bicycle, but complex machines, installations, or transport tyres, etc. There is much to choose in your product package. Very time-consuming and prone to error for salespeople, dealers, and the customer themself. With Elfsquad CPQ Software:

  • You reduce quotation drafting from days or even weeks, to a matter of minutes.
  • You generate flawless and convincing quotations with a push of the button.

Score more orders through convincing quotation documents

What is more convincing: a table with a summary of products, or a complete document that explains, in your customer’s language, how he is better off with your product? We are going for the latter.

  • The CPQ software generates personalized brochures
  • Rich product information and imagery indicate what the customer will receive
  • Your customer is directly convinced by your offer
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In comparison, we took one of our old projects. This entire project was composed within 15 clicks with Elfsquad CPQ. As such, we at WSP Systems have saved 75% in time regarding price calculation and quotation time.
Cor Aalbers
R&D Manager - WSP Systems

CPQ Software & Operations

Finally engineers have some time on their hands again


Control your CAD models with Elfsquad CPQ

The life of your average engineer consists of order engineering. A waste of time when you realize Elfsquad CPQ is able to automatically generate CAD-files. This was, we can get engineers back to R&D!

As soon as a salesperson rolls out a quotation or scores an order, the product configurator can direct all dimensions of your parametric models. This results in a very fast generation of a 100% flawless 3D CAD model.

  • Drastic reduction of runtime engineering
  • Output of Sales = input for Engineering

Even if your product is not 100% configure-to-order

Imagine your product consists of modules for 80%, but the last 20% should always be engineered customer-specifically. Then the Elfsquad Product Configurator can still serve you very well: the modular part of the configuration can be prepared in advance, for post-processing by the engineer.

  • The configured portion is readymade for post-processing by Engineering.
  • You determine when CAD files should be generated and CAD parameters are directed.

Elfsquad CPQ & Engineering

Fast and flawless delivery


0 errors in your factory

Without flawless input, you cannot guarantee flawless output. Because of CPQ software Excel has become a thing of the past. You deliver errorless sales orders without double data entry.

Quotations are synced to ERP, for flawless (production) orders. And to CAD, for flawless production drawings. Looking to eliminate errors from your factory? Our CPQ software guarantees this.

Forecasts can be automated

What will be your material requirement for the coming year? How much occupation will your factory need? If only you had a magic glass sphere…

Or an Elfsquad license! Elfsquad CPQ software creates a BOM for every quotation. With Elfsquad, you know exactly what kind of quotations have been rolled out by salespeople, dealers, and even customers.

With smart integrations in, for instance, CRM applications, bills of materials are linked to sales opportunities. Allowing automatic forecasting for your entire pipeline.

Where in the past we were stuck in long sales trajectories, we now have reduced these trajectories to a matter of minutes after implementing Elfsquad. Customers used to request complex calculations or complicated price lists. This costs work- and waiting time. And is enormously reduced by Elfsquad CPQ.
Willem Swinkels
Design Engineer - Tilbox

CPQ Software & Marketing

Turn your factory into a webshop


Be a frontrunner in the digital era.

It might seem unrealistic to you, but we can turn your factory into a webshop. Which is good: customers tend to do orientation online these days.

We know your product is not simple to grasp for your customer, but this is exactly what we are good at. Elfsquad CPQ takes your website visitor by the hand, so that said visitor does not require any product knowledge.

Direct payment in the software is certainly an option, but usually we see the actual transaction handled by a salesperson or regional dealer.

Automate lead generation

Hundreds, maybe thousands of potential leads on your website. How do you turn these into customers?

With Elfsquad CPQ your customers are able to meet your product by using an online showroom on your website. As soon as the visitor requests a quotation you not only have their email address; you know exactly where their interests lie, as they have just configured this themselves.

Follow-up is then completely automatable, for instance by mailing personalized offers.

We can state that our quotation runtime has been reduced by 50%. With these final steps we have digitized the complete pre-production process, with very positive results for our competitive position.
Davey Giesen
Chief Operating Officer - Giesen Coffee Roasters
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At its basis, Elfsquad is CPQ. Yet it goes far beyond the existing frameworks of CPQ Software.

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Fully cloud- and web-based CPQ tool

We know that you as an international manufacturing business need to be able to configure and quote anywhere in the world. Which is why our CPQ is cloud- and web-based. And even available on smartphone and tablet, for out-of-office work.

But that is not all: Elfsquad CPQ is very easily integrated into your other systems, or your website.

See our integrations
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Elfsquad is completely SaaS

Our CPQ is completely Software-as-a-Service. This ensures that you will always be using the most up-to-date version of Elfsquad functionalities. On top of that you pay for what you use with Elfsquad, and we supply complete hosting and maintenance.

See our plans
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Based on AI, we call that Archer Technology

Archer Technology is the engine of our CPQ software. An engine in the background that ensures that only the restrictions, calculations, and lines that are relevant at that moment are utilized. Within milliseconds. That way, Archer makes your models smarter. The result? A significant reduction of your implementation trajectory, and your models are optimally manageable.

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Visual CPQ

Visualize your product range in 3D. A visual CPQ solution increases conversions and prevents confusion. The tool to directly have customers meet your product’s distinguishing details. 

What will be more convincing to your customer? Direct insight in your complex product’s characteristics, in which they can then compose the product themselves in 3D? Or an Excel list with boring specifications of a complex product?

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Connectivity is essential in Industry 4.0

At Elfsquad we do not only make your business future-proof. We also ensure that our software will remain the frontrunner in the field of CPQ.

And when we look at the future, we are looking at best-of-breeds. You need to be able to build and modify your own integrations and workflows.Without an army of consultants or developers.

That’s the future. That’s Elfsquad.

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Elfsquad: the evolution of a product configurator

Elfsquad CPQ does not restrict you to building complex product configurations. Which is why we developed system configurations. You connect multiple machines or complex products (also in 3D) and determine their availability and restrictions. 

That is the CPQ solution the industry is requesting: the evolution of a product configurator.

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CPQ software designable by experts of product and process. Not programmers.

Elfsquad has to sell for you. But your best salesperson probably isn’t your best programmer. Which is why Elfsquad is world’s first CPQ software where no programming work is required: the design is taken care of by a salesperson or engineer with knowledge of the product, process, and commerce.

It Works.

Our software works. Not only for your product, also within your company. Our CPQ software is compatible with all software applications: From MS Business Central to Hubspot and from Inventor to Google Analytics. We have standard integrations for the most commonly used IT applications.

View all integrations
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No more pre-production nightmares

Elfsquad removes all worries from your pre-production process. With Elfsquad as backbone, we realize the digital factory that smart industries have been trying to find for so long. We do this through a product configurator, with integrated solutions for marketing, sales, and operations.

Read or watch our succes stories.

‘During the first sales conversations we had the best feeling with Elfsquad. We did not have the idea that any other party, competitors both national and international, knew exactly what we needed.’
Cor Aalbers
R&D Manager
Read the story of WSP Systems
A configurator forces you to finetune your standardization. Salespeople present a visual and correct pitch to the customer. And the time we used to lose to work preparation must have been cut in half so far.
Bram de Koning Jr.
Product Manager
Read the story of Cellro
We can state that our quotation runtime has been reduced by 50% thus far. With these final steps, we have digitized the entire pre-production process, leading to very positive results concerning our competitive position.
Davey Giesen
Chief Operating Officer
Read the story of Giesen Coffee Roasters
The complexity of our products can no longer be described on paper; what is printed today, will be obsolete tomorrow. Additionally, on paper you will never gain all the knowledge needed to configure our products correctly; made without error and optimally fitting the customer’s needs.
Peter Lenferink
Read the story of Manter
Elfsquad turned out to be the solution, because it contains a knowledge set which practically holds the user’s hand when answering the question of what exactly is needed to fulfill customers’ wishes, and with that explains all of its different options in an infinite amount of languages.
Marco Bouter
Sales office
Read the story of Vredo
By designing the front-end tightly and slickly with Elfsquad CPQ, it is possible for us to maintain competitive pricing. A big reason to always choose for Elfsquad is that this entire portion lies completely in our own hands. I do not have to constantly call up a helpdesk or consultant. After 1 implementation day I could immediately take off.
John Jaspers
Read the story of Kumatech
When we zoom out of all of its applications, Elfsquad’s simplicity is distinctive. And solid software is the basis, of course, but the click with contacts is of equal importance.
Bart Kroese
Read the story of Euronorm Drive Systems
I'm not an IT person. It is actually doable for everyone to build a configuration model and make adjustments. That just works very well. We aimed for a quoting time of 3 hours. Now customers do that themselves. Error-free and online.
Ane Beuckens
Read the story of DeltaSign
Where in the past we would get stuck in lengthy sales trajectories, we now go through them in mere minutes after implementing Elfsquad. Customers used to order complex calculations or complicated pricelists. This requires both waiting- and labor time. Which are reduced enormously through a product configurator that integrates directly with your infrastructure.
Willem Swinkels
Design Engineer
Read the story of Tilbox
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