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Our CPQ software gives you a good night’s sleep

We work on removing all worries from your pre-production process. We have a strong focus on marketing, sales and operations. 

Our configurator is a complete solution for the entire organization:
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CPQ & Sales

Optimal sales with CPQ software


Make your sales more effective

Your company doesn’t sell a simple product. There is a large amount of variety in the amount of options that you can choose. Very time-consuming and error sensitive for your sales staff, dealers and customers.

Score with rich quotation documents

What is more convincing: A table with a list of articles, or a complete document in the language of your customer that explains how his problem is solved with your product?

We go for the last option. Elfsquad CPQ software generates personalized brochures, which explain, based on rich product information and images, exactly what the customer may expect. This helps to convince a customer of your offer.

Just request a quote from us, then you know exactly what we mean.

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CPQ Software & Operations

Fast error-free delivery


0 errors in your factory

Without error-free input, no error-free output. Elfsquad Configure, Price, Quote software ensures error-free sales orders.

Error-free quotations are synced to ERP, for error-free (production) orders. And to CAD, for error-free production drawings.

0 errors in your factory? This is not our first rodeo.

Automate forecasting

What will your material requirements be for the coming year? How much resources do you need in your factory? If only you had a crystal ball …

Or an Elfsquad license! Our CPQ software creates a Bill Of Material (BOM) with every quotation. With Elfsquad you know exactly what has been offered by sellers, dealers and even by customers.

Through deep integrations with, for example, CRM, Bills Of Materials are generated from sales opportunities. This enables you to calculate material/resource requirements automatically; from your sales pipeline.


Elfsquad CPQ & Engineering

Finally engineers have their hands free again


Direct your CAD models from within Elfsquad

As soon as a salesman rolls out a quotation or wins an order, the configurator directs all dimensions of your parametric models. This creates a 100% error-free 3D CAD model in no time. Or do you supply system integrators? Then you can even send CAD files with your quotations.

  • Drastic reduction of engineering lead time.
  • The output of Sales is the input for Engineering.

Even if your product is not 100% configure to order

Imagine, your product consists of modules for 80%, but the last 20% always requires to be engineered customer-specifically. Then the Elfsquad Product Configurator is still of use to you. The modular part of the configuration can be set up for engineer post-processing.

  • The configured part is prepared for Engineering.
  • The engineer post-edits the configured order.

CPQ & Marketing

Turn your factory into a webshop


Keep your edge in the internet age!

You may not see it happen, but we will turn your factory into a webshop. And that’s a good thing: Nowadays, customers search online.

We know that your product is not easy to understand for your customer, but we provide tools that help. Elfsquad CPQ guides your website visitor step by step, so that your customer does not need product knowledge.

Automate lead generation

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of potential leads on your website. How do you turn them into customers?

With our CPQ software your visitors familiarizes with your product on your website. As soon as the visitor requests a quote, you have contact details and know exactly what is required: visitors configure by themselves.

Follow-up can then be fully automated, for example by emailing personalized quotation documents.

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Good software is a good start, but no more than a start: The success is determined by its design.

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Cloud- and webbased

Elfsquad is a webbased application. Which means that it can be used on any device with an internet connection and a browser. Anywhere.

Simultaneous hosting on 5 different locations on the globe ensure a safe and redundant availability. In addition, we deliver continuous (live) updates.

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Put engineers back on R&D

The life of an average engineer consists of order engineering. Even with manufacturers who work modularly.

That’s a waste of time, when you consider that Elfsquad knows how to automate the generation of CAD files.

If you provide parametric models, we take care of the integrations. We have standard connectors for the most common CAD systems in place. And scripts for the less common applications.

Together we let engineers work on R&D!

View our integrations
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Catalyst for standardization

Is your product range not yet fully standardized? No showstopper, Elfsquad helps you!

Standardization processes often go south because too many extra-standard configurations continue to be sold during the process: It is unattractive for a seller to sell “No”.

With Elfsquad you make it attractive to sell within the standard specification: Because as a seller you have an offer within a few minutes.

Changes required? No reason to panic. Adjustments are quickly implemented via our management portal.

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A stunning configurator, on your own website!

Invested in a polished branding? It would discredit your branding if you would have to mold it in a standard (generic) interface.

Luckily, we have thought about this. It is possible to opt for a custom interface. We can take care of it, but we can also create a custom interface in collaboration with you or your preferred website UI/UX specialist.

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Visualize the configuration in 2D and in 3D

Optionally, it is possible to visualize configurations, using 2D renders or an (existing) 3D model. Thus affirming the choices that users make in the configuration process.

It Works.

Our software works. Not only for your product, also within your company. Our CPQ software is compatible with all software applications: From MS Business Central to Hubspot and from Inventor to Google Analytics. We have standard integrations for the most commonly used IT applications.

View all integrations
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Do you have questions? Elfsquad is here to help.

Great software is a just the start: we believe that success is greatly affected by design.

Elfsquad offers 1,001 ways to set up your configurator, and our team helps you choose the best way for your product, your market, your (IT) infrastructure and your people.

They already chose Elfsquad CPQ software.

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